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  1.   Episode 7 Bonus Clips

    Watch exclusives from episode 7 and see Andrea get nasty and hear Tawny talk smack.

    Air Date: 4/30/06

  2.   Battle of the 80's Hair Bands Show Clips

    Check out a "Wicked Short" version of episode 7 and see the value of big hair and being in Poison.

    Air Date: 4/30/06

Full Episode Summary

The Surreal Lifers learn that today is Battle of the 80's Hair Bands. CC and the rest of the gang are challenged by Poison tribute band Posin to rock their wigs off performing the Poison hit "Talk Dirty to Me." Tawny is road manager of the band and sets off the rest of the house with her bizarre behavior and inability to run the show. Alexis and Steve both mutiny, and CC is sure this will be the time he grabs a drink because the pressure to perform well is overwhelming. Later, Andrea unleashes her hatred of Florence to a bewildered Maven. She claims that Flo unfairly judges her, and sees her only for her Playboy work. Andrea complains that she takes her clothes off because she can, and challenges Florence to "take your clothes off. You won't look half as good as I do."