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  1.   Episode 1 Commentary with Mo and Kita

    Check out these bonus clips loaded with commentary from the show's stars: Terrell, Kita, and Mo!

    Air Date: 7/20/09

  2.   Introducing T.O. Show Clips

    With T.O. being cut from the Dallas Cowboys, the football player signs a new contract and works on moving forward in his life!

    Air Date: 7/22/09

Full Episode Summary

Terrell Owens is one of the most talented and exciting players in the history of football. As the controversial "T.O." he seems to have it all --catching passes and grabbing headlines. But life is far from perfect for Terrell Owens, the man. As the show opens he's just been cut from the Dallas Cowboys. To help him get over the shock, his best friends (and publicists), Mo and Kita try to convince Terrell (and his friend/ bodyguard Pablo) to move to LA to work on his love life and explore some post football career options. The next day Terrell gives Mo, Kita and Pablo the good news: he's just signed with the Buffalo Bills! As the friends celebrate, Terrell agrees to move to LA. But where the thoughtful, soft spoken Terrell goes, the wildman "T.O." is sure to follow. Now the girls have their hands full as Terrell "gets his L.A. on" with a sexy real estate agent and a crazy house party that quickly flies off the hook! Terrell also pays a visit to his former fiancée, Felisha. But while Terrell still has feelings for her, nobody's sure what the future will hold.