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  1.   Episode 5 Commentary with Mo and Kita

    Check out Mo and Kita commenting on Terrell and all of his lady issues!

    Air Date: 8/20/09

  2.   Episode 5 Show Clips

    Most men would love the idea of juggling two beautiful women, but Terrell knows that he has to make a choice!

    Air Date: 8/17/09

Full Episode Summary

Mo is stressing out because she's planning a vow renewal ceremony with her husband Victor. Caught up in his own generous spirit, Terrell offers to pay for the whole thing. Mo is thrilled but Kita is mad because she thinks everyone's forgotten her birthday. Terrell, however, is only pretending to have forgotten. He's secretly arranged a surprise party for her. Mo and Kita have a great time at the party but complain that Terrell has brought a new date, Victoria's Secret model Jessica White, to what should have been a 'family' affair. One thing's for sure, when it comes to beautiful women, this wide receiver has his hands full!