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  1.   Episode 7 Commentary with Mo and Kita

    Mo and Kita talk about T.O, themselves, and the wedding drama. Watch the bonus clips to hear all they have to say!

    Air Date: 8/31/09

  2.   The Best of The T.O. Show

    See all your favorite moments from the first season!

    Air Date: 9/09/09

  3.   The Ceremony Show Clips

    It's Mo's big day! Will Kita show up? Will there be more drama? Watch the season finale and find out!

    Air Date: 8/31/09

Full Episode Summary

It's the weekend of Mo's wedding and neither Kita nor Terrell is anywhere to be found. While Mo is busy stressing over the wedding details, Terrell and Pablo spend the day relaxing before finally showing up to the rehearsal dinner. After kicking her out of the bridal party, Mo reaches out to Kita to try to make peace, but can't reach her. Terrell calls Kita and pleads with her to come to the ceremony. Kita arrives at the hotel, but no one is sure if she'll show up for the ceremony. Terrell and Kari attend the wedding as a couple, but with Terrell off to Buffalo soon for the start of the season, whether they stay together is anybody's guess!