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  1. In the season finale, Terrell hits the red-carpet for his "Dysfunctional Friends" movie premiere and bows to the lavish accolades. Back in Los Angeles, Mo and Kita must face the press alone when the news breaks about Terrell's injury and he is nowhere to...  Read Full Summary »


  2. Feeling confident with his recent life choices and of optimal health, Terrell chooses to thank Kita, Monique and Adrienne for their support with a surprise trip to the Bahamas. He extends the invitation to both Victor and Joe who round out the picture per...  Read Full Summary »


  3. Now bitten by the acting bug, Terrell jumps at the chance to walk the boards of a huge hit stage play, but first he has to audition to land the role along side Angie Stone and Tyson Beckford. After Kita and Monique tweak the final details of the barber sh...  Read Full Summary »


Songs From The Show

    1. Episode 10
    1. Jane's Addiction  "Irresistible Force"

    1. Episode 9

    1. Peter Bjorn & Jon  "Dig A Little Deeper"

    1. Episode 6

    1. Wiz Khalifia  "Wake Up"

    1. Nikki & Rich  "Rainbow"

About The T.O. Show 3

  1. Terrell Owens and "The T.O. Show" return for a third season and his reality show is going to be filled with more drama than ever. Season three opens with dramatic and shocking never-before seen footage as cameras capture T.O.s infamous ACL diagnosis and surgery followed by his painful post-op recovery.

    But the drama doesn't end there. After Kari refused his marriage proposal last season, Terrell finds himself a free agent on and off the field. However, now with a serious knee injury, he must face the reality of life without football. Hoping to keep Terrell's off the field pursuits moving forward during his difficult rehab, Kita convinces Terrell to relocate to sunny Miami. But, the move isn't so easy for Mo. With a family to consider, she struggles with the decision to come to Miami which strains her relationship with Terrell. Eventually, the trio come back together and the drama ensues. Fights, financial troubles, flings and rings make up an unforgettable adventure. Three seasons later, there's no way to predict what can happen during an "off season" for T.O., Mo, and Kita....

    But, the big question remains. Can Terrell really come back?
    Everyone seems to think that Terrell's football career is over, but in his own mind he knows that he's got plenty of games left to play. Regardless, Terrell knows his playing days will come to an end eventually, and he realizes that it's time to get his entrepreneurial game on.

    Season three is all about perspective and a change of scenery. With Mo and Terrell initially at odds, they work to find a way to rebuild their friendship. Meanwhile, Kita is still picking up the pieces of her broken heart after finding out that her boyfriend Joe was still legally married. She needs to get away and Miami is the perfect place for her to get a fresh start and she can help Terrell get his life together. But with Mo, Kita, and Terrell all living under one roof in Miami, how long will it take before three's company becomes three's a crowd?

    Through it all, Terrell commits himself to the future, working hard to rehab his knee and developing several business opportunities including taking his own barbershop, 'T.O. Cutz' to the next level. Terrell will also continue to follow his Hollywood dreams as he completes work on his first feature film.

    But this season isn't all fun and games. Terrell reveals that his finances are headed in the wrong direction, with more going out than coming in. Terrell travels home to Alabama, but will he be able to face his family and tell them that he can't continue to support them the way he has in the past? Even as we learn that Terrell's bank account may not be what it used to be, there are still opportunities to live the good life, even if they've got to work a little extra hard to get there.

    From LA to Miami to The Bahamas, one thing is for sure, if Terrell hopes to get his life together before it implodes he's going to need all the help he can get.

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