1. JEREMY "TWITCH" STENBERG AGE: 29 HOMETOWN: San Diego, CA WIFE: Susie Stenberg Twitch is a freestyle motorcross rider who brings lots of personality on and off the track. Twitch is the group's funny man: he's always got a smart-ass comment to...  Read More

  2. CORY "NASTY" NASTAZIO AGE: 32 HOMETOWN: Queens, NY WIFE: Nicole Panattoni Cory is a BMX rider, known worldwide for his dirt jumps. He's a busy guy, with a lot of energy. He's funny, he's charming, and can be quite the ladies man. He's the most...  Read More

  3. PIERRE LUC GAGNON ("PLG") AGE: 30 HOMETOWN: Boucherville, Canada GIRLFRIEND: Denise Russo PLG is a Canadian professional skateboarder. He has been skating since he was 8 years old and has won 15 X-Game medals (including four gold!). Pierre...  Read More