1. There is no question about it: Ebro takes Hip Hop and media seriously! Whether he's going in on the day's events or going at it with fans on social media, Ebro really just wants everyone to love Hip-Hop. After being on-air from 1990 -- 2003 on...  Read More

  2. As the reigning queen of Hip Hop radio, Angie is well respected and known for her signature laid-back style of interviewing, as well as her unique ability to get up-close and personal with larger-than-life personalities, such as President Obama,...  Read More

  3. For more than a decade, Funk Flex has reigned as America's #1 Hip Hop radio personality, reaching over 3 million listeners a week on HOT 97. Known worldwide, Flex is one of the biggest trendsetters in Hip Hop, debuting all of the hottest new songs...  Read More

  4. In the nearly seven years that he has been on New York's HOT 97, Peter Rosenberg has made an indelible mark on New York radio and the global Hip Hop landscape. His voice can be heard every weekday morning on ...  Read More

  5. Most DJs spend their entire life in the shadows. No matter how well they control the crowd or dazzle on the decks, they remain anonymous heroes lost in the darkness of the booth. Yet Cipha Sounds is not "most DJs." Whether hosting ...  Read More

  6. Laura Stylez is a woman of both style and grace, combined with a heart full of drive and dedication. With over nine years in the radio industry, the California native is a remarkable force in the New York market, the toughest scene to break in to...  Read More

  7. Miss Info is HOT 97's non-stop news source, keeping the audience informed and entertained all day every day. As the HOT 97 News Director, Miss Info brings the latest hip hop news and gossip to the station's millions of listeners with hourly updates...  Read More