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  1. It's Major's first dance but he has to overcome his fears and ask a girl out on a date, learn to dance, get a suit and corsage....  Read Full Summary »


  2. T.I. chaperones Major's field trip to the fire station while Tiny is on a mission to get her mom out of the house....  Read Full Summary »


  3. Tiny decides to expose King and Major to a variety of professions while T.I. gives a Make-A-Wish recipient's dream come true....  Read Full Summary »


About T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle

  1. The royal first family of Hip Hop is back once again for the wildly popular "T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle." Featuring rap megastar T.I. "Tip" Harris, his wife, entrepreneur and singer, Tameka "Tiny" Harris, and their brood of six children. With the recent success of T.I.'s new album "Troubleman: Heavy is the Head" and the premiere of Hollywood's biggest comedy "Identity Thief," T.I. finds himself spending more and more time in the spotlight. With Tip's career in full swing, Tiny is busy at home taking care of business with the OMG Girlz! and working to develop a new girl group, French Kiss, with hopes of taking them to the top of the charts. Even though T.I. and Tiny are busy with their own hustle, they always have time for their six kids and each other. With T.I. behind the wheel in the entertainment fast lane this season is sure to take viewers on a ride they won't soon forget.

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