Ton of Cash

about Ton of Cash

America is in the midst of one of the worst recessions since the Great Depression. Millions of Americans are finding themselves unemployed and drowning in a ton of debt. They're looking for a way out but have nowhere to turn. Now, VH1 comes to the rescue with its new reality competition show, Ton Of Cash!

Fourteen lucky contestants will have the opportunity to battle it out for a ton of cash...literally ONE TON - 2,000 lbs of cold, hard moolah. The catch? They'll have to haul their potential prize money in bundles, all the way from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Moving that much money is no easy task, but the contestants won't have to do it all on foot. The money will be transported by any means necessary. They'll work together to move the money across punishing landscapes - city streets, mountain ranges, river rapids, and barren deserts within an allotted time. They'll have to conquer a series of both natural and man-made obstacles. If they complete the task on time, all of the money will move to the next location. If not, their prize will decrease, but so will the size of their load.

This is not just an arduous trek. Throughout the challenges, there are a number of situations where the group will be forced to make some serious decisions. For example - Which route is faster? How much money should they put on the raft? How should efforts be divided up among the group? To help them make these decisions, each week a new Financial Advisor will be chosen to lead them through the challenge. But with this power comes a big risk because at the end of each episode, one contestant will be sent packing and it will be up to the group to decide who's not pulling their weight. By the time they get to the finish line in Las Vegas, only one person will remain, and that person will walk away with (whatever's left of) the BIG prize.

It's the show where your prize is also your burden...VH1's Ton of Cash.