1. Chuck is not only a large man, but he has a large personality to match. He has competed in bodybuilding competitions, is a DJ by night (aka DJ Chuckie B) and works as a personal trainer. He refers to himself as "Tell it like it is Chuck", and has...  Read More

  2. As a recent graduate of a private college, Ava has to live in a cubicle off her parentsʼ kitchen and work at Hooters as a waitress/bartender in order to save up enough money to pay off her debts. But donʼt let her looks fool you. She...  Read More

  3. After watching the arm wrestling movie Over the Top as a child, Jonny, aka The Greek Mystique, decided to model his life after Sylvester Stallone. He has since gone on to win multiple arm wrestling titles in his weight class. As a professional...  Read More

  4. Having been the only member of her family to graduate from college hasnʼt pushed Violet to move out of her parentsʼ house where she shares a bunk bed with her 24 year old sister. Currently, Violet works in alcohol beverage marketing and...  Read More

  5. The former stripper shares a baby with Daisy of Love contestant London. Ashley wants to use the winnings to pay off her debt and go back to school. She feels that being a cocktail waitress/stripper gives her the ability to talk to anybody, and...  Read More

  6. This once semi-pro football star hooked up with a not so single woman, and ended up with thousands of dollars in medical bills. He has attempted everything from stripping to filing for bankruptcy in order to finally move out of his parents' house -...  Read More

  7. A self-proclaimed "barbie doll," Temica RoShawn is a country girl with the smarts and sass of a city slicker, "A Country-girl gone City!" Having grown up in a home where her grandparents were foster parents, she grew up with 11 other children and...  Read More

  8. Desean, aka Whip Dog, routinely turns pain into entertainment as a wrestler on the independent circuit. Despite being completely broke, he takes women out on lavish dates, and tells them that his car is in the shop getting new rims so they...  Read More

  9. An obsession with being popular caused this party girl to drop out of college, but now her phone wonʼt stop ringing...with debt collectors. Growing up as a sheltered child, Jaime is incapable of independence, both in her day-to-day life and her...  Read More

  10. Willy is straight out of the backwoods of the deep south, where on a calm night, if you listen real close, you can hear the slow drip of an old moonshine still. Relegated to using a scooter to get to work, and having an affinity for drinking beer in...  Read More

  11. Until recently, Rusty was living at home with his parents in a nice Chicago suburb. After a number of disagreements he was kicked out, and has been living in one of his friend's trailers. With his sharp looks, cunning intellect, and complete lack...  Read More

  12. Being raised in a small town has kept this assistant teacher from being morally bankrupt. But after her familyʼs house burned down and her school loans piled up, she is about ready for chapter 11. As an assistant teacher, Vanessa balances a...  Read More

  13. Despite having the measurements of an NFL linebacker, Justin uses his size in a different way, as a prize-winning drag queen. He lusts for the lux life, and celebrity glamour, aspiring to be "the next male Kim Kardashian". However, as a...  Read More

  14. This buxom blonde bombshell works nights as a go-go dancer, and by day deals in all things oral, as the receptionist at a dental hygienists office. Amie isnʼt afraid of using her sexuality to get ahead. Facing a mountain of debt, and possibly...  Read More