1. Jordan MurphyJordan Murphy

    Before hosting VH1's new hit "Tool Academy," Jordan Murphy hosted four seasons on NBC's hit reality show "For Love or Money" while finishing up his 120 episodes on USA's "Before and Afternoon." Additionally, Jordan hosted a season on Fine Living's Lulu's House and surprised a lot of smokers when he was the faux host for PAX's "Cold Turkey." In between Jordan's hosting gigs, he shot roles in two primetime pilots (CBS and ABC) as well as appearances on "The Comeback" on HBO, "SCRUBS," "Las Vegas," "JAG," "The Bold and the Beautiful," and "Boston Public" to name a few. His independent features include: Layover, Cowboys and Angels, and Sabotage. Jordan currently resides in Santa Monica, California with his family.

  2. Trina DolenzTrina Dolenz

    Most recently, Trina combined her expertise as a couples therapist with her experience in television, counseling couples on VH1's new series 'Tool Academy'. Tune in to see her in action.

    Born in Hertfordshire in England on May 22nd 1954, Trina grew up in the English countryside with her Norwegian mother and scientist father. She wanted to be a veterinarian and went to London University to study Zoology.

    Trina at the age of 21, traveled to the States and met Micky Dolenz of the Monkees and became his manger and wife. Married in 1977 for 15 years to Micky Dolenz, she had three girls.

    Trina has been a model with Bobton's in London in the 80's, working all over the world. She has worked in many different capacities on short films, TV commercials and videos, had her own production company with husband Micky. After their divorce in 1991, Trina started a music management company in London and six years ago, Trina Dolenz trained as a couples counselor in Cambridge, England, obtaining a Graduate Certificate in Marital and Couples Counseling. She then went on to obtain a Relate Post Graduate Diploma in Couples Therapy, validated by the University of East London. Her continuing professional development has included further study in domestic violence and affairs. She had a large private practice in couples psychotherapy in London, until recently, when she moved back from England to Los Angeles.

    Trina is currently living in Los Angeles with her black Chihuahua, Molecule.

  3. Gilbert, AZ
    Nightclub Owner

    Greek-American Dimitri is a traditional guy with a wild side. He's a big flirt and considers it part of his job to talk to as many ladies as possible. Dimitri dates Jill, but he feels like he still needs time to play the field before he settles down. Dimitri is convinced he is not a tool but will the Tool Academy teach him otherwise?

  4. Detroit, MI
    Law Student

    Jill is an aspiring lawyer who's looking to settle down and get married. She moved across the country to try living with her boyfriend Dimitri and isn't happy with the results. Jill brought Dimitri to the Tool Academy because she thinks he needs a reality check if their relationship is going to work. Will she be ready to dump him if he can't

  5. Chandler, AZ
    Customer Service Rep

    This tool with two personalities is business during the day and party at night. Clarence is the given name of this clubber known for his "booty pop" dance moves. As Celebrity, he's a wild party animal with little regard for the many women in his life. Celebrity rules the clubs but often forgets about his girlfriend of 10 years Cameron. He has one true love in his life, himself.

  6. Phoenix, AZ

    Cameron knows that dating a tool isn't easy. As Celebrity's girlfriend of 10 years, she's seen the worst behavior and has still stood by her man, until now. Cameron brought Celebrity to the Tool Academy because she's tired of party monster Celebrity and wants Clarence, the man she fell in love with, back in her life. Her anger and frustration with Celebrity are pushing her to the breaking point.

  7. Boulder, CO
    Underwear Designer

    Shawn is the very definition of tool. Self centered and self absorbed, this guy lives for the attention of as many women as possible. His custom designed boxer brief underwear feature a condom pouch for guaranteed success in the bedroom. Shawn measures his life by the amount of women he can sleep with. His fast paced Hollywood lifestyle might be too much for his current girlfriend Jaimee.

  8. Studio City, CA

    Jaimee sees the sweet and caring side of her tool boyfriend Shawn and can't help but love him. His other qualities are much less appealing to her. She's tired of being treated as just arm candy and wishes Shawn would show an interest in her life. Jaimee is looking to the Tool Academy to break though to Shawn and give him a much needed reality check.

  9. Hollywood, CA
    Dental Hygiene Student

    Once called a "psycho ex-girlfriend" by Shawn as a lie to cover his cheating, Aida could be the great love of Shawn's life. Although she didn't bring Shawn into the Academy originally, she believes he needs to make a huge change in his behavior if they are going to have a future together. Aida has put in 6 long years with Shawn and now she's ready to take their relationship to the next level. Can the Tool Academy give her a new Shawn or will she walk away from the same guy she's left so many times before?

  10. Toms River, NJ

    Josh is the tiniest tool but that doesn't stop him from thinking he's the Man. A wanna be pro bowler and south Jersey club goer, Josh puts his own spin on the tool image. He lives with his girlfriend of three years Ashley in her parents' house. Between partying with his boys, practicing his bowling technique, and playing video games, he has little time to devote to Ashley and their relationship. Josh wants a stable future but doesn't want to do the work to get there. Will Josh bowl a strike and win Ashley's heart or will he strike out and leave as a single man?

  11. Toms River, NJ
    Retail Clerk

    Ashley is a south Jersey Italian-American girl with big plans for her future. Unfortunately for her, that future is in danger of not happening because of her tool boyfriend Josh. She's taken Josh into her parents' house and they are not one big happy family after all. Ashley is tired of Josh's parting, bowling, and disregard for their relationship. She's enrolled Josh into the Tool Academy as a last ditch attempt to make their relationship work.

  12. Mission Viejo, CA

    Matsu-Flex is a his own mind. As Ryan, he's a kind and caring boyfriend, but as Matsuflex he becomes the ultimate tool on a rampage. This tatted up tool fills the room with energy everywhere he goes. He feeds off the attention of women and is proud of his self-centered approach to life. He's trying to take over the world with his Matsuflex persona. Matsuflex is especially comfortable in his underwear, which he calls his "man panties." He can be found at clubs and parties sporting a fresh pair of man panties every chance he gets.

  13. Tustin, CA
    Fitness Instructor

    Being the girlfriend of a tool who loves to wear his underwear in public can't be easy. Just ask Jenna. She's Matsuflex's girlfriend and she wishes sometimes he'd just put his pants on and concentrate on their relationship. Jenna is worried about a future with Ryan because his Matsuflex image gets in the way of real communication. She is over his constant flirting and need to be the center of attention all the time. Jenna brought Ryan to the Tool Academy because she can't live in a Matsuflex world any longer.

  14. Phoenixville, PA

    Tommy is the nice guy tool who can't seem to get his life started. He's madly in love with his girlfriend Krista but has no idea what he wants to be when he grows up. Even though they've only been dating for six months, Tommy lives with Krista and her two kids. He is taking advantage of her child support to pay the bills. Occasionally, he'll work as a bartender, but uses his shifts to flirt with women instead of make tips. This kid at heart just won't grow up and realize playtime is over.

  15. Phoenixville, PA

    This hot mother of two is ready to get serious about love. Krista and her live in boyfriend Tommy are all smiles and kisses as long as Tommy's lack of direction doesn't come up. She's fed up with his slacker ways and enrolled him in the Tool Academy as a wake up call. Krista wants Tommy to get a real job and stop flirting with women when he does work as a bartender. Krista has big responsibilities and needs her boyfriend to grow up and be the man in the relationship.

  16. Phoenix, AZ
    Record Producer

    MEGA is the player alter ego of Josh J. MEGA is the life of the party and the lover of all ladies. He is known for bringing home a different girl home every night of the week, and maybe two on Sundays. This tool thinks he's so in demand with the ladies that he can be open about seeing girls on the side while having a regular girlfriend. He talks a big game but has a hard time living up to the hype. This tool might be a player for life as settling down isn't in his future plans.

  17. Phoenix, AZ
    Psychology Student

    Sassy, opinionated, and blunt, Margo is ready to leave her tool boyfriend for good. She is his #1 lady, but she's tired of sharing him with others. After being best friends for eight years, MEGA and Margo decided to take their relationship one step further and become romantic. She loves him on so many levels, but hates his MEGA persona. She believes that as MEGA, he's a terrible boyfriend, but as Josh he might be the one for her. Margo enrolled MEGA at the Tool Academy hoping he can change his toolish ways and become a great boyfriend.

  18. Glendale, CA
    Construction Worker

    Muscle bound power tool Rob is usually stone faced and ready for a brawl. He's proud of his many judo championships and his gym forged body. Rob does have a softer side, though he holds back his emotions on most occasions. He uses his muscles to attract the ladies and has an easy time getting any of his needs taken care of. Rob is an old fashion kind of guy who thinks sex and dinner should be waiting for him when he gets home from a hard day at work.

  19. San Diego, CA

    Karine is a California blonde with a carefree attitude. She is Rob the power tool's girlfriend and feels like he doesn't trust her. They are in a long distance relationship and she visits Rob every chance she gets. Karine brought Rob to the Tool Academy because she's sick of him not trusting her around other men. She has tried without success to tell Rob that she's not cheating, but his suspicious mind won't let it go. Will the Tool Academy teach Rob to trust his girlfriend or will Karine finally tell Rob to hit the road?

  20. Goldberg, North Dakota
    Theme Park Character

    Joey is a theme park character and loves every minute of it. His small brushes with fame make Joey think he's the coolest guy around. This tool treats his girlfriend Ashley L more like a buddy than girlfriend. His constant flirting with other women makes him feel like a big man and his constant threats to leave his girlfriend make him feel even more powerful. Joey loves to hit the gym and sees this as needed time away from this girlfriend.

  21. Orlando, FL
    Security Guard

    Ashley L left everything she knew and moved across the country to be with her tool boyfriend Joey. She's had it with Joey's flirtatious ways and his constant threats to leave for her for other women. The non-stop threats from Joey and the lack of affection are taking their toll on Ashley. She's suffering with no self worth and can't figure out what she can do to get Joey to love her. The Tool Academy is her final hope to get Joey's head together and save their relationship.