1. John L. and SarahJohn L. and Sarah

    John L. & Sarah have been a couple for 5 months in Plymouth, MA. John L., 29, may look like a big teddy bear, but when this exotic dancer rips his clothes off it's no surprise to learn he has serious anger management issues. His 24-year-old girlfriend, Sarah, a secretary, wishes he would just calm down. This muscular giant also needs to learn to treat women better. His overbearing, alpha male persona has put his relationship in serious danger. John L. may be a serial disrespecter of women, but with the help of the Tool Academy, hopefully he will start acting like a big man instead of giant tool.

  2. Dre P. and LeahDre P. and Leah

    Leah & Dre P. have been a couple for 1 year. They hail from Toledo, OH. At 26, Leah is stripper and a mother to a young daughter from a previous relationship. Dre P. is 2 years younger and works as a club promoter, but aspires to be a successful rapper with millions of female fans. Dre P. flirts with all the girls when he's at the club...especially the thick ones he prefers. Unfortunately, Leah is a healthy, but skinny girl, which convinces her that Dre has thick girls on the side. This wannabe-fly-guy is obsessive about his braids, and even has his own stylist. He's obviously more concerned with how he looks than how Leah feels. Dre P. needs more than just his hair done...he needs his relationship fixed! It's the Tool Academy to the rescue for this tool.

  3. Justin and KathleenJustin and Kathleen

    Justin & Kathleen are from Sayville, NY. They are 23-year-olds who have been dating for 1 year. Justin works as an Assistant Manager at a supermarket deli and refers to himself as "J Daddy", a nickname Kathleen hates with a passion. "J Daddy" has trouble living up to his girlfriend's expectations. Kathleen, a clerk by day but a stripper by night, thinks the best part of their relationship is the sex. Unfortuantely, "J Daddy" thinks sex is a "hassle." Kathleen hates that Justin is a selfish party boy with no respect for women. He's too busy blaming her for things to take responsibility for anything. Justin's always on the lookout for the next hot party...but Kathleen has a surprise for him. The only party he is going to is at the Tool Academy.

  4. Jon S. and TracyJon S. and Tracy

    Jon S. & Tracy are from Tinley Park, Illinois. They've been dating for five years. Jon is a 31-year-old Audio Visual Company Owner, and Tracy is a 27-year-old esthetician. Tracey is tired of waiting for Jon S. to pop the question after all these years. And Jon is too busy putting the moves on very young girls (18&19 years old) to even notice. In fact, Jon loves younger women so much he spent 7 years in college. He swapped out an entire group of friends his own age for a crew of young guys in their 20's who love to party. Jon will feel right at home as the oldest student at the Tool Academy.

  5. Stew and AmandaStew and Amanda

    Stew is 22 and unemployed and Amanda is a 23-year-old student living in Benson, NC. They have been dating for 6 months and felt an instant connection. Stew lives with Amanda and relys on her to drive him places because he doesn't have a car. Amanda says it was love at first sight with Stew. Stew used to agree, but recently he's stopped telling Amanda he loves her. He is a cocky country boy who believes all the ladies want him...and who is he to deny so many lovely women? Amanda wants more 'intimate' time with Stew in the bedroom, but Stew turns her down because he has "too many things to do." Apparently, unemployment is very time consuming. This moocher is going to need to shape up at the Tool Academy or Amanda is going to ship him out.

  6. Dan and ShannonDan and Shannon

    Dan, 22, is a pathological liar, Shannon, also 22, is his girlfriend of 2- years. These students live in Huntley, IL. Dan and Shannon live together on a part-time basis. Dan thinks he is a "god" and talks a big game about sleeping with tons of women, but he also loves to lie and is a self-admitted "a$$hole." Shannon can never tell when Dan is speaking the truth or out and out lying. Fortunately for Shannon, the Tool Academy is here to sort out her mess of a relationship.

  7. Josh and JamieJosh and Jamie

    Jamie & Josh are both 25 and live together in Las Vegas, NV. Jamie is a hair stylist and Josh works at a spa. Josh's defining characteristics are a giant ego, an inflated sense of his own awesomeness, and elaborately highlighted spiked hair. Josh is a total control freak. It is "his way or the highway" where Jamie is concerned. After four years together, Jamie is ready to choose 'The highway' unless the Tool Academy can tame her egotistical man.

  8. Tyler and SheaTyler and Shea

    Shea and Tyler, a young couple of 21 & 22, have lived together for 3- years. Tyler is an aspiring tattoo artist working in construction and Shea is a student. Shea misses the days when they used to talk about marriage and kids together. Tyler used to chase Shea, but now he just chases the spotlight and always has to be the center of attention. Shea is ashamed that Tyler constantly refers to her as the "b word". Unless the Tool Academy can change him, Shea is ready to introduce Tyler to another "b word"...'Booted'.

  9. Mike A. and RebeccaMike A. and Rebecca

    A bartending job allows 24-year-old Mike A., of Mission Viejo, CA, to use his arrogant charm on a nightly basis. Rebecca is his 22-year-old girlfriend of 5 months who works as a hostess and lives in nearby Huntington Beach. Mike is the kind of man who gives metrosexuals a bad name. He wears more jewelry than Rebecca and spends more money on his hair than she does on her own. He is also the proud practitioner of a very complicated "manscaping" routine. Mike thinks he is the smartest guy in the world, and is so proud of his physique that he works out twice a day. Mike needs to stop looking in the mirror and start paying attention to Rebecca. Mike may think he's the bomb, but with the help of the Tool Academy he may realize he's just another tool.

  10. Terry "T Shaw" and NicoleTerry "T Shaw" and Nicole

    Nicole, 22 and Terry "T Shaw", 23 have been dating for 3 years. Nicole is a student living in Urbana, IL and "T Shaw" works as a roofer over 2 hours away in Chicago. Nicole visits "T Shaw" in Chicago a couple of times every week and "T Shaw" comes to Urbana on weekends. The problem is, when "T Shaw" is in town, he's not there to see Nicole, he's there to go out with his friends and hit the clubs. He sometimes disappears for weekends at a time without telling Nicole where he is going. With the help of the Tool Academy, "T Shaw" is going to get schooled on priorities, and will hopefully start putting Nicole first.

  11. Frank and ChristinaFrank and Christina

    Frank is a 23-year-old banker who lives with his 21-year-old girlfriend of 2 years, Christina, in Gainseville, FL. Frank's motto is "ignorance is bliss". Unfortunately, Christina isn't ignorant of Frank's Toolish behavior because she discovered him searching for hook-ups on Craigslist. She also got a face-full of Frank's infidelity when she caught him going at it with another woman in THEIR bed. Frank tries to look like a rocker by sporting eyeliner and nail polish...but the Tool Academy will help Christina prove that Frank's hardly a rock star...he's just another cheating Tool.

  12. Charm and AndreaCharm and Andrea

    Andrea is a 22-year-old administrative assistant living in Huntington Beach, CA. Charm, her 26-year-old boyfriend of 2 years, is a model and club promoter living close by in Costa Mesa. Andrea can't trust Charm when he is out of sight because Charm is a compulsive flirt. Charm is a self-proclaimed "label whore player" who is addicted to two things...girls and himself. Charm loves his own body, and thinks all women should be allowed to enjoy it up close and personal. Andrea desperately needs the help of the Tool Academy to teach this "player" that the only way to win her to lose his egotistical game.