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  1.   Finale Bonus Clips and Exit Interview

    Watch all the Tools decorating their uniforms, dance parties and exit interviews from the winners and losers!

    Air Date: 11/08/09

  2.   Semester 2 in Review!

    We've seen a lot of tears, fights, laughs and growth this semester at the Tool Academy. Relive the best moments here!

    Air Date: 11/10/09

  3.   Tool Graduation Show Clips

    Watch these show clips to see Terry and Tyler prepare for their final exams at Tool Academy!

    Air Date: 11/08/09

Full Episode Summary

After 10 grueling and heart wrenching weeks, only the final two tools remain. T-shaw, the dancing playboy with a fidelity problem and Tyler, the hot head with commitment issues. One will graduate with 100K dollars and his Tool Academy diploma... the other will be expelled. Tensions build as expelled Tools are invited back to the Academy to help administer the final exam.