Ep Type Title Date
  210  Show Clips  Semester 2 in Review! 11/10/09 
  210  Bonus Clips  Finale Bonus Clips and Exit Interview 11/08/09 
  210  Show Clips  Tool Graduation Show Clips 11/08/09 
  209  Show Clips  Family Weekend at Tool Academy Show Clips 11/01/09 
  209  Bonus Clips  Episode 9 Bonus Clips and Exit Interview 11/01/09 


  1. Date: 11/8/09

    After 10 grueling and heart wrenching weeks, only the final two tools remain. T-shaw, the dancing playboy with a fidelity problem and Tyler, the hot head with commitment issues. One will graduate...Read Full Summary

  2. Date: 11/1/09

    Tensions run high as the final three face disapproving families during Parents' Weekend. Will an exhausting 24-hour challenge with pig babies reveal which tools are daddy material? One tool is...Read Full Summary

  3. Date: 10/25/09

    After a revealing therapy session dealing with Intimacy, the Tools get a lesson in Romance as they take a trip to "Camp Tool", a woodsy getaway. The guys try to prove to their girlfriends...Read Full Summary



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About Tool Academy | Season 2

For every egotistical, thoughtless, tool of a boyfriend... there is a suffering girlfriend in need of a helping hand. Earlier this year, VH1 struck a blow for frustrated girlfriends everywhere by taking nine of America's most arrogant, dishonest, selfish and unfaithful boyfriends and enrolling them in the one place that could reform them from their horrible ways, and potentially even turn them into husband material -- The Tool Academy! A 30 day program designed to transform the worst boyfriend, into a knight in shining armor.

Now, a new class of Tools is about to arrive, all nominated by their long-suffering girlfriends who are praying their men can stay long enough to abandon their toolish ways.

It won't be easy. These are the men who parade through dance clubs, preening and posing while they bestow a great gift on womankind... themselves. They live in their own little world where your spray-on tan defines you, muscles are the new black and no woman, especially your girlfriend's best friend, is off limits. They lie, they cheat, they treat their women like door mats. They are, well... Tools. But, these Tools are in for a huge wakeup call.

Still under the watchful eye of our host, Jordan Murphy and couple's therapist Trina Dolenz, they will live together and train together in hopes of reforming themselves and becoming better men.

But there's a catch. Since men this thoughtless and arrogant won't admit they have a problem, they must be tricked into showing up. So, when the men arrive at Tool Academy, they won't know WHY they are there. Last season, they were under the impression that they were competing in a pageant called "Mr. Awesome" -- a search for America's ultimate Alpha Male. This season, they will be lured to Tool Academy under a shocking new top secret ruse... so surprising it's sure to deliver the wake up call these louts require. Still being kept top secret for the sake of the program.

Of course, the men quickly learn the truth... for 30 days, they will enroll in Tool Academy's grueling, but transformational program, where they will learn lessons in proper behavior focusing on such topics as trust, romance, family values, appreciation and communication. If they learn their lessons well, they can stay. If they do not, they "fail" and are dismissed from Tool Academy.

Each week, therapist Trina Dolenz, through intensive therapy sessions and unceasing observation, detects one truly "incorrigible Tool" and eliminates one of the contestants. Upon elimination, the Tool in question will have a final opportunity to plead his case to his lady love -- who decides, on the spot whether or not she'll give him another shot, or dump him.

In the end, only one Tool will remain... rewarded for his efforts at redemption with a $100,000.00 cash prize... hopefully used to treat his lady right.