1. JordanJordan

    Jordan is an unemployed tool from Long Island, NY. He is, as his girlfriend Rachael calls him a "Jew who wears, crosses." Jordan's life revolves around the gym, the tanning salon, the eyebrow waxing studio, and the club. His life long dream is to join the Backstreet Boys. This boy band wannabe is in for the shock of his life as the Tool Academy sends him back to the basics to learn what being a boyfriend is really about.

  2. Rachel

    Rachel is a Long Island, NY native and Jordan's girlfriend. She's reached the end or her rope in their relationship. She is more then just a girlfriend to Jordan; she's also a bank. Rachel gives Jordan $200 dollars a week so he can pay his bills. Aside from their sex life, Rachel is unhappy with Jordan in every other area and is looking to the Tool Academy to whip him into shape.

  3. JennaveciaJennavecia

    Jennavecia is a salon manager from Las Vegas and she represents "Sin City" every chance she gets. Jennavecia is the first heterosexual female Tool enrolled at the Academy. She is a wild woman who treats sex like a handshake. Her stores of conquests rival any of the guy Tool's stories. Jennavecia's outrageous behavior is matched only by her volatile temper. She is one tool with a very shape edge.

  4. Kyle

    Kyle is the first guy to ever enroll his girlfriend at the Tool Academy. He's Jennavecia's boyfriend and he's run out of ideas to change wicked behavior. Kyle brought Jennavecia from Las Vegas to the Academy so she can act like a "human again." Kyle will be living with the Tool's girlfriends in the Villa and he's sure to cause controversy. Kyle is desperate to see Jennavecia change and wants the Tool Academy to make that change happen.

  5. KevinKevin

    Kevin is a stand up comedian from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He holds the dubious honor of being the first married tool enrolled at the Tool Academy. Kevin has a hard time remembering to wear his wedding ring and it drives his wife Jermika crazy. Kevin's jokes will only get him so far at the Academy, as he'll be facing the harsh truths of his failing marriage. Kevin and Jermika have a little girl but that's not stopping Kevin's flirting when he's away from home. Kevin wondering eye, flirting, and behavior when he's on the road are all causing his wife to wonder if it's even worth it anymore.

  6. Jermika

    Jermika's marriage to Kevin is on the rocks. Her heart is breaking as funny man Kevin pays less and less attention to her. She's beginning to wonder if her marriage is even worth it anymore. Kevin is the only man Jermika's ever been with and she wants to see their marriage improve. As the Tool Academy enrolls its first married couple, Jermika wonders if it's too little to late for her and Kevin.

  7. TommyTommy

    Tommy is the class clown of the Tool Academy. This guy from Sacramento, CA. is the life of the party, but that's turning out to also be his biggest problem. Tommy can't take anything seriously, including his relationship with Kate. He will definitely crack jokes but Kate desperately wants him to be serious and claim her as his girlfriend in public. His partying ways might just be hiding a darker secret that only the Tool Academy can uncover.

  8. Kate

    Kate is also from Sacramento and she's brought her boyfriend Tommy to the Tool Academy as a final test of his love for her. She's tired of his constant joking and partying. Kate wants a guy who will be her boyfriend seven days a week, not just on the weeknights. Kate fears that when Tommy's phone shuts off on the weekend, he's doing more than just having a good time. She's looking to the Tool Academy to help her get to the bottom of this problem.

  9. JacobJacob

    Jacob is this semester's big tool on campus. The Orlando, FL. resident's imposing size gets him attention wherever he goes. Jacob's goal in life is to become a professional wrestler. His wrestling persona is "JT Extreme" and it's a testosterone fueled character that's taken over his personality completely. As JT Extreme he has no problem flirting with women in the clubs while controlling his girlfriend at home. Lying comes easy to Jacob and he'll have to work extra hard at the Tool Academy to regain trust from his girlfriend.

  10. Christie

    Christie is Jacob's girlfriend and she wants the sweet guy she fell in love with back. Christie, originally from Tampa, FL., watched her skinny, short haired, boyfriend transform in to the imposing long haired giant know as JT Extreme. She is tired of all of Jacob's lies, and his attempts to control her. They had a great, respectful relationship, but that's been traded for Jacobs professional wrestling ambitions. Christie can't go on living like this with Jacob and she's looking to the Tool Academy to fix him before it's too late.

  11. DanielDaniel

    Daniel is the Academy's first raver Tool. His raving lifestyle and his glow sticks are the most important things in his life. Unfortunately for his girlfriend Lesley, Daniel doesn't place much priority on their relationship. He and Lesley have a son together but they've grown miles apart. He wants to party and have fun, while she wants him to make a solid commitment to her. Daniel isn't ready to grow up, get a job, and face the responsibilities of adulthood. The Tool Academy is no party for this raver, and where he'll be when the music stops is anyone's guess.

  12. Lesley

    Lesley is Daniel's girlfriend and the mother of his child. Lesley can't take Daniel's immature ways anymore, so she's brought him to the one place that might be able to fix their relationship. Lesley is from Lexington, North Carolina, and is ready to settle down with Daniel. She is tried of supporting their family. She's also tired to being left out when Daniel goes raving. Lesley has so much anger built up inside her towards Daniel, she almost can't sit still when he's talking. They face some of the biggest challenges at the Tool Academy, but also stand to perhaps gain more than any couple if they succeed.

  13. ShawnShawn

    Surfer Shawn is from Huntington Beach, CA. He's a laid back beach bum without a job or direction in his life. Shawn bounces from happy hour to house party in search of the next good time without much regard for the future or his girlfriend Emily. His "Bad Ass" tattoo on his butt sums him up accurately. Shawn comes to the Tool Academy as the one guy who might be willing to be here, if only for the open bar. He can't commit to his girlfriend fully and wonders why he should have to. Life's a beach and Shawn is ready to play in any way he can.

  14. Emily

    Emily is Shawn's girlfriend and she's fed up with his casual attitude toward their relationship. Emily makes the commute from her home in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. to Huntington Beach every week so she can spend time with her beach bum boyfriend. Emily wants more than anything to just have Shawn take their relationship seriously, but first he'll have to take life seriously. Emily wonders what the future will hold for Shawn and she fears that he'll never really amount to much more than a good time.

  15. ChaysnChaysn

    Miami's own pro wrestler Chasyn might be the littlest tool in the house, but he definitely has some of the biggest problems. This guy who uses "Not Cocky" as part of his wrestling name is anything but modest. His time at the Tool Academy is long overdue as he brags about picking up on wrestling groupies or "ring rats." Chasyn can't stay faithful in the face of all the women who come to his matches, and in his mind, it's all just part of keeping he fans happy. Chasyn brings his wrestling gear with him to the Tool Academy, but will he leave a single man? If the process is going to work, Chasyn will have to let his guard down and realize life is not one big publicity event.

  16. Amanda

    Amanda is Chaysn's girlfriend and she's tired her conceited wrestler boyfriend. Amanda met Chasyn on a birthright trip to Israel. They instantly hit it off and all was fine until Chaysn started to pull away from Amanda. She wonders what he's doing with all his female fans from wrestling. Living in Orlando, she also wonders how much he really thinks about her on the days when they don't see each other. Amanda has her work cut out for herself as Chasyn's personality seems bullet proof. Amanda has reached her breaking point and this relationship is definitely on the line at the Tool Academy.

  17. CourtneyCourtney

    Courtney is the Tool Academy's first every gay tool. Her dismal attitude toward fidelity and respect when it comes to other women rank her as one of the worst tools ever to be enrolled at the Academy. She most definitely thinks like a man when it comes to using women to boost her self-esteem. Courtney lives with her girlfriend Cheron in San Pedro, CA. Courtney makes a habit of taking her promise ring off when she hits the clubs at night as she doesn't want it to get in the way of meeting other women. This lady loving Tool is in for the shock of her life when the Tool Academy calls her out for her lying and cheating.

  18. Cheron

    Cheron is Courtney's girlfriend in San Pedro, CA. Cheron is new to gay relationships and is beginning to wonder if having a girlfriend who cheats is no better than having a boyfriend who cheats. Getting out of a bad marriage with two kids, Cheron thought meeting Courtney's was a breath of fresh air. Now, Cheron is wondering is their whole relationship might be a sham. She has a feeling Courtney might be cheating on her with other woman and wants the Tool Academy to uncover the truth. As the first lesbian couple in the Academy, all eyes are on Courtney and Cheron as they try to work things out and save their relationship.

  19. AngeloAngelo

    Long Island's original Greek Tool, Angelo, is a high energy partier who works out and tans as though his life depends on it. This Tool claims over 200 women as conquests and he's not about to stop there. Angelo doesn't work, and lives at home with his Greek immigrant parents, that doesn't stop him from a life of drinking and womanizing. His girlfriend Dayna is just an accessory to his good times, plus, she's a bartender, so he uses her to meet other hot girls. Angelo is among the worst Tools this semester at the Academy and his pumped up body won't help his fake his way though the process. Angelo will have to do some real work or he'll be shipped back to Long Island in no time.

  20. Dayna

    Dayna is Angelo's girlfriend. She's also from Long Island, where she thought her and Angelo had a great relationship together. Dayna is loosing trust her trust in Angelo fast and she's turned to the Tool Academy to save her relationship. Dayna wonders how much Angelo really loves her as he is acting more and more shady. Dayna remembers how good Angelo was to her when they first met. She's tired of the arrogant tool Angelo is now. Dayna is tired of crying over Angelo, as those tears have no effect. She wants to see real change in him and she's depending on the Tool Academy to help.