1. Date: 4/4/10

    It's graduation day and one Tool will walk away as a graduate of the Tool Academy, with a committed relationship, and a $100,000 prize.

  2. Date: 3/28/10

    The Tool's families come for Parent's Weekend at the Academy. A touching therapy session leaves everyone in tears and on the edge of a breakdown.

  3. Date: 3/21/10

    The Tools worst fears come true as they come face to face with a human lie detector. The partners learn the answers but the truth is almost too much to handle.

  4. Date: 3/14/10

    The Tools confront each other in a heated therapy session. In a shocking twist, one partner will break up and decide to leave the Academy in the middle of a challenge.

  5. Date: 3/14/10

    The Tools must watch their partners get married. They'll have to speak now or forever hold their peace.

  6. Date: 2/28/10

    Chaos breaks out when the Tools can't handle harsh comments by a focus group.

  7. Date: 2/21/10

    The Tools have to watch themselves on hidden camera as all their lying and cheating ways are exposed.

  8. Date: 2/14/10

    Ten Tools travel to Cancun, Mexico to compete for the title of Party Ambassador. Everything changes when their angry partners show up and send them packing to the first ever co-ed semester of the...Read Full Summary