More Top 40 Videos of 2009 Hour 2 (20-1)

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About Top 40 Videos of 2009 Hour 2 (20-1)

It's time of the year again! Time for VH1 to count down the 40 biggest and best music videos of the past 12 months...from way back in January all the way through the holiday season.

This 2-hour year end special includes videos from the biggest names in music like Beyonce, Green Day, Katy Perry, Pink, Rob Thomas, Kings of Leon, Lady Gaga and many more. Industry insiders, pop culture experts and the artists themselves will be on hand to tell us the stories behind the most memorable clips of the year and to explain why these 40 videos are the very best of 2009. You bought them in stores, you downloaded them on your computer, you heard them on the radio and you voted to see them on VH1's weekly Top 20 Video Countdown. Now it's time to count them down.

If it was big in music this year, you'll find it here on VH1's Top 40 of 2009.