• Steve WardHost
    Steve Ward

    Steve Ward is an expert on love, dating and relationships. As the Host and Executive Producer of VH1's hit show, Tough Love, he has gained notoriety for his no nonsense approach to life and love over six successful seasons.

    Steve is also the CEO of Master Matchmakers®, an exclusive, high end matchmaking service that has been coaching and connecting eligible singles to one another for over 20 years. Founded by JoAnn Ward, Steve's mother and business partner, the firm has grown nationwide with a staff of more than twenty professionals working together coast-to-coast.

    Steve's advice in dating and relationships has been sought after by many magazines and publications including Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Glamour, US Weekly, and People to name a few. He has appeared numerous times on national TV shows including Extra, Good Morning America, Good Afternoon America, Today, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Rachel Ray, The Katie Couric Show and more. His book "Crash Course In Love," authored along with his mother, JoAnn Ward, a Master Matchmaker® for more than 25 years, was published by Simon and Shuster. It is a refreshingly honest and handy romance guide for women everywhere.

    Steve's lifelong experience surrounded by matchmaking and a personal devotion to his clients, fans, family, and friends has rewarded him with media fanfare and much acclaim for his work.

  • JoAnn WardExpert
    JoAnn Ward

    JoAnn Ward, the original Master Matchmaker®, is a natural at pairing her clientele with their ideal mates. Her company's foundation rests on her passion for uniting desirable singles in rewarding, long-term relationships. JoAnn takes time to learn about her clients' backgrounds, personalities, and relationship goals, thus eliminating many of the obstacles they face when searching for a partner on their own.

    A happily married mother of three adult children, JoAnn Ward has enjoyed all of the successes her clientele wish to enjoy themselves. Through her unique approach to matchmaking, JoAnn has been able to create hundreds upon hundreds of successful relationships for people of varying backgrounds and ethnicities. In today's fast-paced world, she's found that the biggest challenge for successful singles is finding the time to focus on building intimate, personal relationships. As a result, Master Matchmakers® decreases the amount of time and energy it takes for its clients to find a long-term relationship.

    Her personalized approach does more than set the Master Matchmakers® apart from other services - it often results in producing successful relationships and long-term love.

  • Monica WardExpert
    Monica Ward

    Monica Ward is a second generation Master Matchmaker® like her brother, CEO of Master Matchmakers® Steven Ward. She's been immersed in the family business since its inception by her mother, JoAnn Ward. Monica is most certainly her mother's daughter when it comes to matchmaking, having occasionally been on the receiving end of her brother's and mother's "Tough Love".

    The "no nonsense" Ward family culture has undoubtedly been passed on to Monica and much like her brother, it has made her mature and develop her own interpersonal skills to be able to match clients effectively. Monica earned a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology from Temple University and hopes to one day also be an authority on human behavior.