1. Host, Vice President and Partner

    Throughout his life, Steven Ward has been immersed in his mother's matchmaking business. Learning from his mother, JoAnn, the basics of a solid relationship -- trust, respect and communication -- Steven was destined for a career in the family business.

    In addition to emerging as a Master Matchmaker in his own right, with scores of long- term relationships and marriages under his belt, Steven has been instrumental in implementing critical technological improvements, allowing Master Matchmakers' clients to have the accessibility and convenience offered by online dating services while also incorporating the interpersonal matching approach used by his mother for nearly two decades.

    Steven, with on-air counsel from JoAnn, strives to transform a group of women's destructive dating by putting them through his "VH1 Tough Love Boot Camp," with the ultimate goal of finding true love for each woman in the house.

  2. Host, President and Founder

    JoAnn Ward, the original Master Matchmaker, is a natural at pairing her clientele with their ideal mates. Her company's foundation rests on her passion for uniting desirable singles in rewarding, long-term relationships. JoAnn takes time to learn about her clients' backgrounds, personalities and relationship goals, thus eliminating many of the obstacles they face when searching for a partner on their own.

    A happily married mother of three adult children, JoAnn Ward has enjoyed all of the successes her clientele wish to enjoy themselves. Through her unique approach to matchmaking, JoAnn has been able to create hundreds upon hundreds of successful relationships for people of varying backgrounds and ethnicities. In today's fast-paced world, she's found that the biggest challenge for successful singles is finding the time to focus on building intimate, personal relationships. As a result, Master Matchmakers decreases the amount of time and energy it takes for its clients to find a long-term relationship.

    Her personalized approach does more than set the Master Matchmakers apart from other services -- it often results in producing successful relationships and long-term love.

    JoAnn is back for another season of Tough Love, and along with her son Steven, and she'll be offering up her own techniques and motherly touches to the show to turn a brand new group of women, each with their own issues and romantic challenges, into confident daters. "Tough Love: New Orleans" premieres April 15.

  3. Age: 32
    Hometown: NYC
    Job: Writer

    Abiola is a fabulous and hilarious woman with a big personality and huge heart - a lovable diva if you will. Her bright smile and infectious laughter conceal a deep-rooted fear that she will never find someone to share the beautiful moments in life with. She has been contemplating buying another cat, which her friends have strongly advised her against, stating she's on a slippery slope to becoming the lonely old cat lady.

    Abiola--who by trade offers relationship advice--to often settles for men who do not live up to her point system. Once she likes someone, she showers them with excessive, and sometimes unappreciated, attention. She once wrote a short story for a man shed only been on a few dates with, with him as the main character. He promptly ended things with her. After watching the Presidential election results alone and celebrating with a cake made for 1, Abiola realized that there was a need for CHANGE in her personal life, as well as that of our country's!

  4. Age: 27
    Hometown: Albany, NY
    Job: Model

    Arian claims that she is a local celebrity and the main attraction and source of fun for her enormous group of friends in upstate New York. Male friends invite her to their bachelor parties because being a former stripper, she knows how to give a great lap dance and challenges the clubs dancers to bring the party to another level with her. Her female friends love that she's single because she's not tied down and can be the main accessory to big fun and lots of laughs.

    Arian grew up seeking approval from her father, but rarely got it. She emphatically believes that there is no man on the face of the earth that could be faithful to one woman for his entire life. When she meets men that she thinks she could potentially fall in love with, she purposely tries to repulse them. She has a "two week rule" for men. After a couple of weeks of partying, she kicks them to the curb and cuts off all communication.

  5. Age: 23
    Hometown: Dallas, TX
    Job: Sales

    Jacklyn is a small town girl from Oklahoma. She graduated from the Art Institute of Dallas in Fashion Design and currently works in sales at the Dallas World Trade Center. She hopes to one day open her own boutique.

    Her father passed away two years ago, and he was a great influence in her life. She misses him a lot, along with having a strong male figure in her life. Every guy Jacklyn dates, she compares to her father. Most of them tend to have similar qualities of her dad.

    She admits to moving on very quickly from men if there is no chemistry because she feels like her "clock is ticking." Her mom married at 22 and Jacklyn hopes to be married by at least 25. She already has her entire wedding planned out with every detail to the ring, bridesmaid dresses, invitations, photographer and location. She is extremely excited about a matchmaker helping her find a man and will take every comment and criticism seriously because she is ready to walk down the aisle!

  6. Age: 28
    Hometown: Los Cruces, New Mexico
    Job: Data Processor

    Jessa grew up on her parent's dairy farm in New Mexico, where she developed her affection for the desert. She showed Quarter Horses competitively during her adolescence and then began growing a fondness for boys. After college she moved to Austin, TX for four years, where she started her life as a data consultant.

    Her friends describe her as a "stunningly, goofy sweetheart," but guys think differently about Jessa. Aware of her tendencies, she tends to smother guys in the early stages of dating which, obviously, scares them off. Jessa is so insecure that she tends to overanalyze everything instead of enjoying dating and letting things happen naturally. She feels like her initial obsessiveness in a relationship keeps men from wanting a commitment, which inevitably leads to heartbreak. Most recently, she was dumped for taking pictures of her overnight guest while he was sleeping and then texting him the midnight photo shoot the next day.

  7. Age: 38
    Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
    Job: Fashion Publicist

    Jody is the quintessential Careerist. Yes she does have it all -- her own successful business, traveling to exotic places and a wonderful quality of life -- indeed; she's got it all, except the husband. Jody's been a bridesmaid at 18 weddings, and she's gone so far as to buy her own wedding dress, even though she has no boyfriend!! Marriage, she says has eluded her, and Jody admits she's tried everything from going out to clubs to listing herself on many dating websites. E-Harmony actually said she was UNMATCHABLE. eventually gave her a refund after three different men had stood her up! Clearly, this is a desperate case. And ironically, for the publicist in Jody, the biggest thing she needs to learn is how to promote herself.

  8. Age: 28
    Residence: New York, NY
    Job: Tour Operator

    Natasha is an entrepreneur who took a risk and moved to New York five years ago without a job lined up. Now, she runs a successful shopping tour company in New York City. She loves her job and loves to work, putting her career before her dating life. She wants to love and be there for someone when they need her, and vice versa. She is looking for a man who would want to spend the rest of his life with her.

    A born nurturer, Natasha suffers from the Nurse Curse....she is irresistibly attracted to men who are a complete mess and suffer from emotional issues and need taking care of. She is the nicest, sweetest, and most caring the point where men walk all over her. She needs to find someone who will treat her well and boost her self-confidence.

  9. Age: 33
    Residence: Los Angeles by way of Serbia
    Job: Ballerina

    Stasha was an elite ballerina in the national theater in Belgrade and Athens. She prides herself on being a three-time Playmate of the Year in Croatia. After the abrupt death of the love of her life due to a drug overdose, Stasha turned cold and hard and decided to run away to America.

    Stasha is single because she intimidates every single man she meets. She admits to being a lamb in wolves clothing, "To get to the lamb, you have to go through the wolf first," she wryly admits. She purposely puts up walls around herself as a "loser" filter to weed out all the unnecessary men that approach her. It's all or nothing for Stasha, and she freely admits to being a self-proclaimed ball buster. Stasha is hoping that Steve will be able to show her a happy medium between the wolf and lamb sides of her personality.

  10. Age: 26
    Residence: Scottsdale, AZ
    Job: Model

    Taylor was born in a small town of Brazil, but grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona after moving to the United States at a very young age. She never knew her biological father who's recently passed away, because he left Taylor and her mother when she was just 2 years old. Her mother then remarried, and her wealthy stepfather treated her like a total princess, which was the start of Taylor's love for "the finer things in life." She's a definite "daddy's little girl" who gets whatever she wants just by batting her eyelashes. She became pregnant shortly after high school, and reluctantly gave her young child up for adoption.

    Taylor thinks that when she walks into a room, all eyes are on her. "Guys stalk" her, and girls "hate her because she's such a threat." She also says "It sucks to be me and look this beautiful, because guy's are so intimidated by my looks and the attention I always get." Taylor also says "I hug my pillows alone at night and I hate every second of it." She prefers to date African American athletes, and takes being bitchy to another level putting up a wall to hide her emotional past, which still "haunts" her. She is now ready to give the right guy a chance, one who won't judge her for her past.