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  1.   Return of the Exes

    The ladies need to learn how to handle their past, present and future during a drama filled dinner party. Watch the full episode!

    Air Date: 4/27/09

  2.   Episode 7 Bonus Scenes

    Check out these bonus scenes to see what the ladies think of their dates and each other!

    Air Date: 4/26/09

  3.   Episode 7 Show Clips

    Steve teaches the ladies how handle bumping into their exes in public!

    Air Date: 4/26/09

  4.   As Heard on VH1: Anjulie "Boom"

    Anjulie's "Boom" is featured on the seventh episode of VH1's 'Tough Love' show.

    Air Date: 4/24/09

Full Episode Summary

It's visiting day at Boot Camp and Steve invites special guests for each of the girls. Arian uses her mother's visit as an excuse to get revenge on Steve, and Jacklyn is forced to choose between her ex-boyfriend, Greg, and new beau, Brock in a dramatic showdown. At group therapy, Steve tells one of the girls he can't help her anymore.