1. Host, Vice President and Partner

    Throughout his life, Steven Ward has been immersed in his mother's matchmaking business. Learning from his mother, JoAnn, the basics of a solid relationship -- trust, respect and communication -- Steven was destined for a career in the family business.

    In addition to emerging as a Master Matchmaker in his own right, with scores of long- term relationships and marriages under his belt, Steven has been instrumental in implementing critical technological improvements, allowing Master Matchmakers' clients to have the accessibility and convenience offered by online dating services while also incorporating the interpersonal matching approach used by his mother for nearly two decades.

    Steven, with on-air counsel from JoAnn, strives to transform a group of women's destructive dating by putting them through his "VH1 Tough Love Boot Camp," with the ultimate goal of finding true love for each woman in the house.

  2. Host, President and Founder

    JoAnn Ward, the original Master Matchmaker, is a natural at pairing her clientele with their ideal mates. Her company's foundation rests on her passion for uniting desirable singles in rewarding, long-term relationships. JoAnn takes time to learn about her clients' backgrounds, personalities and relationship goals, thus eliminating many of the obstacles they face when searching for a partner on their own.

    A happily married mother of three adult children, JoAnn Ward has enjoyed all of the successes her clientele wish to enjoy themselves. Through her unique approach to matchmaking, JoAnn has been able to create hundreds upon hundreds of successful relationships for people of varying backgrounds and ethnicities. In today's fast-paced world, she's found that the biggest challenge for successful singles is finding the time to focus on building intimate, personal relationships. As a result, Master Matchmakers decreases the amount of time and energy it takes for its clients to find a long-term relationship.

    Her personalized approach does more than set the Master Matchmakers apart from other services -- it often results in producing successful relationships and long-term love.

    JoAnn is back for another season of Tough Love, and along with her son Steven, and she'll be offering up her own techniques and motherly touches to the show to turn a brand new group of women, each with their own issues and romantic challenges, into confident daters. "Tough Love: New Orleans" premieres April 15.

  3. Alicia was raised on the south side of Chicago, IL and has a reputation around town as the party girl. In her early 20's Alicia did find love but after an on again off again engagement, she cheated on her fiancé and left him for a married man. Since then, Alicia has found herself stuck in the same pattern - dating guys up to 8 years younger than she is. Most of these men are "bad boys" and treat her the same way -- badly. Alicia has come to boot camp ready to put her party girl ways in the past and find love with a guy who will value her and treat her right.

  4. Angel is a 25-year-old Exotic Dancer from Ravenna, Ohio. She has a 3-year-old son named Tucker who she raises with the help of her parents. Tucker's father was Angel's high school sweetheart and fiancé who convinced her to have a child, only to walk out on Angel right after she gave birth. Because she doesn't trust men, Angel has developed toxic behaviors to get her through, like getting drunk every weekend at work and enjoying hitting men during her lap dances. Angel is ready to break free from this lifestyle and move forward with a healthy relationship.

  5. Jenna grew up in a rural area of Dallas, TX and was overweight most of her life - at her heaviest she was 220 pounds. Growing up, Jenna had a very negative attitude about her body and found it difficult to establish relationships with men. At the age of 24, she decided to make a positive change in her life and lost over 85 pounds. Now, with a brand new body, Jenna finds that although she is attracting men, she can't seem to shake her negative attitude. She is seeking Steve's help, finally ready to change her outlook on life and fall in love for the very first time.

  6. Rocky is a 32 year-old mom who has put her love life on hold to raise her now 11 year-old daughter. Rocky and her daughter Hayley live on a ranch in Southern California with 32 animals, which makes it challenging to add a man to the mix! Although she has been proposed to 6 times, Rocky finds none of these men meet the standards she seeks when it comes to the person she values most in her life -- her daughter.

  7. For the last 15 years Tina has devoted her entire life to her career as a project manager and in the process has forsaken her love life. Now at the age of 37 and after three years without a single date, Tina realizes she doesn't want to live a life of loneliness. After over a decade of working her way to the top of her business Tina quit her job so that she could enroll in Boot Camp and for once, actually focus on her quest for love.

  8. Early in her life, Sally decided that her life plan involved getting married by the age of 25 and having kids at the age of 27. On her rocky road to love, Sally constantly meets men and changes who she is in an attempt to hold onto them. But when her chameleon plan backfires, the boyfriends vanish into thin air and Sally finds herself alone and lonely once again. She is desperate to find love with a man who will let her be her true self and has a desire for marriage and kids sooner rather than later.

  9. Liz is a 24-year-old Occupational Safety Instructor from Henderson, Kentucky. When her father passed away two years ago, she moved from Kentucky to San Diego and realized she didn't want to be a small town girl forever. Liz is eager to not only get married and start a family but also to cook, clean and wait on them hand and foot. Liz feels she's already late in the game in starting a family since she still hasn't met "the one" and needs to account time for dating, the one year engagement, wedding and then having children. According to her, at 24, she's running out of time.

  10. Kanisha is a 26-year-old Property Manager from Ontario, California. Kanisha thinks she's single because she's vocal and controlling in her relationships, but her friends will tell you it's her unreasonably high standards that have kept her from finding a man. If the men she dates don't have every single quality she requires: tall, rich and athletic, it's over. Kanisha has come to Boot Camp because she wants to find a man she can trust who meets her high standards and will treat her like a queen. Question is, will she start acting like one?

  11. Taylor RoyceTaylor Royce

    Taylor Royce is back! After leaving Steve's first Boot Camp and returning to the real world, Taylor quickly reverted back to her bad girl ways. And since she never actually graduated from Tough Love Boot Camp the first time around, Steve has asked her to come back and do some remedial coursework. This time around, Taylor is desperate for Steve to whip her back into shape and get her ready for love. The stakes are high -- Steve is giving Taylor a second chance, but three strikes and she could be out forever. Can Taylor get her act together by graduation day? With Steve's help, she could find the love she's always dreamed of.