1. Date: 1/31/10

    The ladies of Tough Love 2 conclude their romantic weekend dates and head back to the house for the biggest group ceremony yet, where the remaining women must decide who they will give their promise...Read Full Summary

  2. Date: 1/24/10

    As the second Tough Love Boot Camp nears its finish, Steve takes the training wheels off and sends the ladies on romantic weekend dates. Each bootcamper has her own challenge to tackle in the...Read Full Summary

  3. Date: 1/17/10

    Steve gives the girls a terrifying glimpse into their future -- and what it's like to be single forever. But instead of embracing their transformations, some of the girls lead a Boot Camp...Read Full Summary

  4. Date: 1/10/10

    In a startling twist of fate, the girls' ex-boyfriends arrive at Tough Love Boot Camp -- and they are challenged to confront their pasts before they are able to move forward with the future....Read Full Summary

  5. Date: 1/3/10

    The girls are tested on their dollars and sense as contestants on a provocative game show called "What's my Price?" Steve finds out who has money smarts and which girls are...Read Full Summary

  6. Date: 12/20/09

    Truth or consequences -- the ladies of Tough Love are horrified and outraged when they are put on trial for their scandalous past dating crimes. Cheating, criminal behavior, affairs with married...Read Full Summary

  7. Date: 12/13/09

    The ladies learn exactly what it takes to make a man go "wow!" First up, the Miss Tough Love Beauty Pageant -- where the girls are challenged to walk the catwalk wearing very little. ...Read Full Summary

  8. Date: 12/6/09

    In the most emotional week of Tough Love Boot Camp yet, the girls are forced to look into their pasts and confront lingering issues they have with their fathers. When several of the girls fall to...Read Full Summary

  9. Date: 11/29/09

    Steve schools the ladies on his favorite subject -- sex! Lingerie, sexy poses and alluring looks are the order of the day, but one bootcamper's blowup will leave the others shaken. Later, the...Read Full Summary

  10. Date: 11/22/09

    The girls go on dates at an amusement park only to find out that Steve has a wet and wild challenge in store for them. Who can remember enough to stay dry and who will end up soaking wet and fuming...Read Full Summary

  11. Date: 11/15/09

    Steve Ward is back! 8 brand new Tough Love recruits arrive at Boot Camp in desperate need of Steve's help. From a lonely stripper to a former fat girl, these girls are Steve's toughest...Read Full Summary