Ep Type Title Date
  207  Full Episode  Money Can't Buy Me Love [HD] 2/08/10 
  205  Full Episode  The Wow Factor [HD] 2/08/10 
  206  Full Episode  You Can't Handle The Truth [HD] 2/08/10 
  208  Full Episode  Revenge of the Exes [HD] 2/08/10 
  211  Show Clips  Episode 11 Show Clips 1/31/10 


  1. Date: 1/31/10

    The ladies of Tough Love 2 conclude their romantic weekend dates and head back to the house for the biggest group ceremony yet, where the remaining women must decide who they will give their promise...Read Full Summary

  2. Date: 1/24/10

    As the second Tough Love Boot Camp nears its finish, Steve takes the training wheels off and sends the ladies on romantic weekend dates. Each bootcamper has her own challenge to tackle in the...Read Full Summary

  3. Date: 1/17/10

    Steve gives the girls a terrifying glimpse into their future -- and what it's like to be single forever. But instead of embracing their transformations, some of the girls lead a Boot Camp...Read Full Summary


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About VH1 Tough Love | Season 2

Handsome, cocky and smart, Steve Ward is America's maestro of love. His brutally honest approach to matchmaking has made him and his mother JoAnn Ward one of the most successful matchmaking teams in the country. Steve tells women not what they want to hear, but what they need to hear to find love.

The series revolves around VH1 "Tough Love Bootcamp" where Steve works with a group of 8 single, attractive women living together in a house for 10 weeks to change their dating ways. Steve guarantees that if they follow his rules, by the end of 10 weeks, they will be ready for love. But there's a method to Steve's madness, his rules for dating. Steve's rules are bold, insightful and often hilarious. The core of the series is Steve revealing the truth about what men really think when it comes to dating.