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    • 12/20/11


  1. Steve and Joann follow up with the ladies of Tough Love Miami eight months after bootcamp. Lessons have been learned and lives have been changed, but some bootcamp drama won't go away. Which bootcamp relationships have turned into true love and which ha...  Read Full Summary »


  2. This is the moment they've all been waiting for, the Tough Love Promise Ring Ceremony. Who will make a commitment that could last a lifetime, and who will give her promise ring to someone completely unexpected?...  Read Full Summary »


  3. It's time for our bootcampers to take their fledgling relationship to the next level - in the Bahamas! The training wheels are off and it's decision time!...  Read Full Summary »


About Tough Love Miami

  1. Steve Ward is BACK! And this time, he's bringing a little Miami flare to the romantically challenged ladies of Tough Love. Steve believes dating is different in every city around the country, and this time, he's taking his Boot Camp to one of the most challenging dating cities in the country--Miami: famous for its spicy South Beach scene and flawless men and women. This will be the Ultimate Test for our unlucky in love bootcampers! But don't worry, Steve's hasn't lost the brutally honest approach to dating that made him and his mother JoAnn Ward one of the most successful matchmaking teams in the country. This season, Steve will work with a group of 8 single, attractive women living together in a house for 10 weeks to change their dating ways. Steve guarantees that if they follow his advice, by the end of bootcamp, they will be ready for love. Steve's rules are bold, insightful and often hilarious. These guidelines are meant to give women the ultimate inside track on the male perspective.

    The 8 women in Tough Love bootcamp are desperate and single and can't figure out why. The cast is composed of classic female archetypes, from formerly overweight "Miss Body Issues," to the too much too soon "Miss Desperate" and the super picky "Miss Delusional." Each episode's theme is a class in dating 101 and is illustrated with loud challenges that force our ladies outside of their comfort zone, covering ex-boyfriends, communication and even sex. After they've learned their lessons, the ladies are sent out on dates hand-picked by Steve from his pool of attractive, eligible men.

    Over the course of the 10 episodes, we'll see our love-lorn bootcampers be put through the paces -- and come out on the other side transformed. Some will graduate with honors while others will struggle and fall back into old dating habits. You may not like Steve's rules, but if you want to find true love you've gotta face the truth and follow them.

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