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  1. Steve Ward is an expert on love, dating and relationships. As the Host and Executive Producer of VH1's hit show, "Tough Love", he has gained notoriety for his no nonsense approach to life and love over six successful seasons. Steve is also the...  Read More

  2. Monica Ward is a second generation Master Matchmaker® like her brother, CEO of Master Matchmakers® Steven Ward. She's been immersed in the family business since its inception by her mother, JoAnn Ward. Monica is most certainly her mother's daughter...  Read More

  3. Christopher is a class clown from Houston who never grew up! He treats the ladies in his life just like he treats life itself -- as one big game. With a constant carousel of women around him, he has no trouble getting dates. The question is --...  Read More

  4. After the shocking death of her husband to a heart attack, Judy has taken the last 6 years to heal her wounds and focus on raising her young daughter all alone. Now, she is finally feeling ready to open herself back up to love, but doesn't even...  Read More

  5. Kris comes to bootcamp with a non-existent dating life and a serious crush...on himself! This self absorbed DJ from Southern California has traveled the world, playing some of the biggest and best clubs. Now, this self-proclaimed lonely boy is...  Read More

  6. After a string of long distance relationships that ended in heartache, Kyle has lost faith in her ability to find Mr. Right. This misguided broadcaster from Los Angeles fails to see that her own disconnected past has left her unable to connect with...  Read More

  7. Paj, a male exotic dancer from Atlanta, comes to bootcamp with a history of short-term relationships with the wrong women. At 34, he is the oldest member of Steve's bootcamp and Paj, more than anyone, is ready to settle down. Unfortunately, when...  Read More

  8. Hailing from Houston, TX, Porsche is a 29 year old divorced singleton with a great career that affords her the finer things in life. This sassy and beautiful single girl appears to have it all, but when it comes to men, she isn't willing to settle...  Read More

  9. Sariya is a massage therapist from Northern California whose belief in a family curse has been holding her back from finding love. Sariya wholeheartedly believes that due to her great-grandmother's cheating ways, every other woman in her family has...  Read More

  10. We call Stu "Mr. Player" for two reasons -- his career as a professional hockey player as well as the way he treats women when he's off the ice. Stu has a long history of playing women -- he's cheated on every girl he's ever been with! But now,...  Read More