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    • 10/17/13


  1. As the men and women reflect on their journeys, they must also make a decision about where to take their new relationships now that boot camp is over....  Read Full Summary »


  2. Our guys and gals are bringing their dates back home to take in the sights and meet the folks....  Read Full Summary »


  3. The exes show up at the front door and the Tough Love boot campers have to deal with the mistakes and temptations of their pasts in order to move forward....  Read Full Summary »


Songs From The Show

    1. Episode 10
    1. Stefano  "Yes To Love"

    1. Episode 1

    1. Ricki Lee  "Burn It Down"

    1. Johnnyswim  "Heart Beats"

About Tough Love: Co-Ed

  1. Get ready, because the new season of Tough Love is a whole new animal and Steve Ward is about to tackle his biggest challenge yet! The big twist? There will be four hopelessly single women, AND FOUR HOPELESSLY SINGLE MEN, living in the house... together. Jealousy, rivalries, and romantic twists are sure to follow as Tough Love goes Co-Ed! But that's not the only new trick Steve has up his sleeve. This season, he's returning with a secret weapon that no one will see coming... his sister, Monica Ward. While Steve continues to deliver his hard-hitting male perspective on women and dating, Monica will bring her female perspective to the boot camp, teaching the love challenged men in the house how to improve their own dating skills and land the woman they've always dreamed of.

    The 8 Co-Ed cast members will complete a series of irreverent and often difficult challenges as Steve and Monica lay down their rules for dating. Each week, we'll track the progress these men and women are making -- both good and bad. Some will find romance, others will land themselves in the hot seat, but regardless, it's sure to be a wild ride. If these new recruits follow Steve's rules, they will be on the right track to find true love. And the stakes have never been higher.

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