1. Steve WardSteve Ward

    Steve Ward is an expert on love, dating and relationships. As the Host and Executive Producer of VH1's hit show, "Tough Love", he has gained notoriety for his no nonsense approach to life and love over six successful seasons.

    Steve is also the CEO of Master Matchmakers, an exclusive, high end matchmaking service that has been coaching and connecting eligible singles to one another for over 20 years. Founded by JoAnn Ward, Steve's mother and business partner, the firm has grown nationwide with a staff of more than twenty professionals working together coast-to-coast.

    Steve's advice in dating and relationships has been sought after by many magazines and publications including Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Glamour, US Weekly, and People to name a few. He has appeared numerous times on national TV shows including "Extra," "Good Morning America," "Good Afternoon America," "Today," "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," "Rachel Ray," "The Katie Couric Show" and more. His book "Crash Course in Love," authored along with his mother, JoAnn Ward, a Master Matchmaker for more than 25 years, was published by Simon and Shuster. Its a refreshingly honest and handy romance guide for women everywhere. Steve's lifelong experience surrounded by matchmaking and a personal devotion to his clients, fans, family and friends has rewarded him with media fanfare and much acclaim for his work.

  2. JoAnn WardJoAnn Ward

    When JoAnn Ward founded Master Matchmakers over 20 years ago, never did she think she would be advising the world on matters of the heart. Since 2009, JoAnn has been the co-host of the successful series "VH1 Tough Love", which gives single women insight to male perspective on dating. JoAnn, along with son and business partner, Steven Ward, has been redefining the matchmaking business and growing Master Matchmaker into one of the country's most successful personal matchmaking and coaching services.

    With hundreds of successful marriages under their belt, JoAnn has amassed more than 3,500 clients throughout the country and plans to expand Master Matchmakers internationally. The care that she has taken with each of her personal clients, understanding their individual needs and desires, has set her apart from all other matchmakers.

    As a part of "VH1 Tough Love", JoAnn's motherly nature takes center stage as she is continually a confidant to many of the female participants on the show. JoAnn's desire is to help people feel confident with their selves before they can be with someone else and it's a recurring theme throughout the series. Celebrating her 25th year of being married, JoAnn is also a mother of three, a grandmother of two and an example to her clientele for finding her perfect match in a partner.

    In addition to starring in VH1's successful series, JoAnn and Steven recently wrote the book "Crash Course in Love" published in November, 2009 by Pocket Books. The book is a refreshingly honest and handy resource for all women, whether they are looking for love and companionship or hoping to hold onto it. Steve and JoAnn's dating principles are organized into different stages in the relationship life cycle, from first impressions to maintaining and developing a deeper connection. Readers will learn how to flirt with a purpose, how to set up a date, when to get intimate, the best way to bounce back from rejection, and much more. Each suggestion is followed by a clear and concise passage providing insight for the reader with anecdotes and other helpful information as well.

    Now JoAnn is back on the screen, expanding her role as executive producer and co-host of the upcoming, "VH1 Tough Love Couples." Throughout the new series, JoAnn and Steven will work with couples who are all at a major crossroads of deciding whether to get engaged or break up. Over the course of eight weeks, they will put these couples to the ultimate test to see if they are truly a perfect match.

  3. Pawel and Danielle: "The Role Reversals"Pawel and Danielle: "The Role Reversals"

    When Pawel and Danielle met on Myspace, he was living in Miami and she was in New York. A hot and heavy long distance romance inspired Pawel to move to New York to be with his girl. Once these two moved in together, their relationship began to fizzle out. To complicate matters, the couple has recently moved in with Danielle's Mom. Danielle wears the pants in this relationship and Pawel seems to be absolutely fine with that arrangement. They've been together 4 years now, and although they are able to be good friends and work together in the music business they share, they complain that they've lost their spark and rarely have sex anymore. Danielle needs Pawel to step up and regain his "male" role in their relationship. Pawel can't do that until Danielle lets him take some responsibility. Will they be able to reverse their gender roles and straighten things out?

  4. Dennis and Simone: "The Now or Nevers"Dennis and Simone: "The Now or Nevers"

    Simone met Dennis at the YMCA when he took time out of his job to show extra attention to her two children. There was an immediate attraction between them and Dennis courted Simone with abandon until she agreed to go out with him. After only a few months of dating, Simone and her kids moved in with Dennis and the problems began. Taking care of a girlfriend with kids made Dennis long for his days as a single man, but he cared so much for Simone that instead of dealing with these feelings, he gave in to her desires and asked her to marry him! Simone was thrilled and eagerly began planning their wedding. But the fairytale ended when Dennis canceled their wedding date only a month later and ultimately broke off the engagement as well. Simone was heartbroken. These two share a household and children, but Dennis is still afraid to make the ultimate commitment to Simone and marry her. Simone wants a man who's in the relationship 100% or none at all.

  5. Ryan and Axelle: "The Drama-ramas"Ryan and Axelle: "The Drama-ramas"

    Meet Axelle and Ryan. Axelle is a hot-headed French beauty and her boyfriend Ryan is an equally attractive red-blooded American male. Their relationship seems to have been plagued from the beginning. These two are so passionate about each other that they end up fighting about almost everything! Ryan is a charming flirtatious musician and Axelle knows she can't trust him. They fight and break up on Thursdays so that Ryan can go out and party as a "single guy" on the weekends. Inevitably, reconciliation comes on Monday and their back together again, trying to work out their problems. When they fight, Axelle usually starts with a problem that ultimately causes Ryan to fly off the handle and create a big scene. If they're going to save their relationship, these two need help controlling their emotions and acting like adults.

  6. Larry and Heather: "The Second Chances"Larry and Heather: "The Second Chances"

    Larry and Heather met on a dating website and decided to move in together 6 months into their relationship. The little problems they had in the beginning became big problems when they started cohabitating. Heather likes to be right when they fight about things and her perceived perfection drives Larry crazy. Their relationship finally came to a breaking point, Larry got cold feet about committing to Heather, and he moved out. They stayed broken up for 5 months, but neither one of them could stop thinking about the other. Larry found himself miserable without Heather and decided he had to win her back. Heather was genuinely heartbroken when Larry left and isn't sure she can ever trust him again. Will Heather ever be able to give Larry a second chance?

  7. Dustin and Courtney: "The High-school Sweethearts"Dustin and Courtney: "The High-school Sweethearts"

    Courtney and Dustin were high-school sweethearts 8 years ago in their small Illinois town. As Courtney puts it they got together when they realized "pickings were slim" in their limited dating pool. Although they've managed to stick it out and stay together over the years, their relationship has been fraught with trouble and driven mainly by a deep rooted fear of breaking up and being alone. These two may look like Ken and Barbie from the outside, but anyone who looks a little closer will see their extensive problems. They have both had issues with infidelity and now have very little trust for each other. Although they live together, they actually sleep in separate bedrooms and only have sex occasionally. She's lacking the emotional connection to feel physically attracted to him and he needs a physical chemistry to feel any emotional connection. Dustin and Courtney both admit they've fallen "our of love" with each other and are desperate to regain what they had in high-school. Can Steve help them get their spark back?

  8. Mario and Christina: "The Mistrustfuls"Mario and Christina: "The Mistrustfuls"

    Mario and Christina met one summer at the Jersey shore through his cousin Luigi. They had an instant attraction to each other and Mario soon realized that Christina could be "the one." The problem? Christina hates lying and Mario seems to be addicted to it! Little white lies creep into their daily relationship and even bigger lies come out when Mario is out with the boys. Christina is constantly trying to "detect" Mario's lies and she has a very hard time trusting him, partly because she knows he's cheated on all of his past girlfriends. Mario adores her and caller Christina his first love. He swears he will never cheat on her, but will Christina ever be able to move past her trust issues and accept his feelings for her? Can Mario come clean and stop lying to Christina even if he knows the truth will upset her?