Ep Type Title Date
  108  Bonus Clips  Episode 8 Bonus Clips 5/24/10 
  107  Show Clips  Episode 7 Show Clips 5/21/10 
  107  Bonus Clips  Episode 7 Bonus Clips 5/17/10 
  106  Bonus Clips  Episode 6 Bonus Clips 5/17/10 
  106  Show Clips  Episode 6 Show Clips 5/17/10 


  1. Date: 5/31/10

    Tough Love Couples Wedding Special The dresses are fitted, the rings have been picked out and the tuxes are on, but with last minute doubts looming large, will our engaged couples actually make it...Read Full Summary

  2. Date: 5/24/10

    In a dramatic turn of events, the couples are separated from their partners and asked to make the biggest decision of their lives alone-should they get engaged or break up for good. With the...Read Full Summary

  3. Date: 5/17/10

    Exes. Everybody's got 'em! The couples are shaken when their ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends arrive at Boot Camp. These blasts from the past have been causing problems in our...Read Full Summary


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About Tough Love Couples

For two seasons of Tough Love, America has seen brutally honest, professional matchmaker Steven Ward put unlucky-in-love women through an intense Tough Love Boot Camp. Each week Steve gave lessons in dating 101 and gave the women an unfiltered -- and often shocking - glimpse into the male mind.

Steve is known for telling his clients not what they want to hear, but what they need to hear to find love. After setting up hundreds of successful marriages, no one knows better than Steve whether or not two people are meant to be together. Now, Steve and his mother Joann are taking on even their toughest cases yet -- couples!

For couples looking to know if their partner really is "the one," there's only one person qualified to tell you the brutal truth of whether you've really met your match and that's Steve Ward. Tough Love Couples boot camp welcomes six couples all on the verge of getting engaged and puts their relationships to the ultimate test to find out if they're really right for one another. Our couples are all at a crossroads and need to decide if they're in it for the long haul, or should call it quits for good. Each couple fits a specific archetype -- be it The High School Sweethearts or The Cheaters -- all with their own set of reasons to doubt if their relationship can really last a lifetime.

Over the course of this difficult eight-week process, Steve and Joann will put the couples through lessons designed to test their relationships on every level. From sex to temptation, and money to communication, each episode's lesson coincides with issues that make-or-break every relationship.

At the end of boot camp, Steve will deliver his verdict on whether or not this couple is a good match and should get engaged or break up once and for all. Steve will make his opinion known, but ultimately it's up to the couples to decide to commit or acquit...the fate of six romances makes this a season finale unlike anything you've ever seen before!

With over the top challenges that push and pry at every issue, and honest feedback that forces lovers to tell the truth about every aspect of their relationship, Tough Love Couples will be a grueling yet transformational process. Some couples will be forced to see that their relationship has serious problems that cannot be solved, and will finally have the peace of mind to break up for good and get on with their separate lives. For others, the lessons will bring them closer together and their journey will end with an amazing beginning--a proposal of marriage. Either way, Tough Love Couples is an emotional, transformative ride every couple should experience...after all, who better than straight talking, tough love giving Steve Ward to push couples toward the final leap in love?