About Tough Love: The Wards Get Real

Steve Ward, the straight talking star of VH1's Tough Love series, and his mother JoAnn are back...but this time they're showing their real side.

In this one-hour special, Steve Ward's fans get the rare opportunity to see what makes him and his mother tick as they meet the family behind the successful "Tough Love" series.

Viewers will get a behind-the-scenes look at the Ward's no-holds-barred business style and the brutal honesty that has made them so effective in their coaching/dating service -- Master Matchmakers in Philadelphia, PA.

JoAnn, Steve's Mom and the driving force behind the company, has been matchmaking for 25 years and started her own business in 2000 with the idea of providing personal service and honest coaching to upscale clients in the Philadelphia area. Now her daughter Monica, along with Steve, plays an integral part in running the day to day business -- keeping their company afloat in the age of do-it-yourself on-line dating. And their brand of brutal honesty is not simply for clients -- they dish it out to each other -- and no one is spared. In the Ward family, the matchmaking is the easy part.
Viewers will watch the Wards as they help two female clients -- Jillian and Therese - navigate the difficult waters of contemporary dating. Steve and JoAnn pinpoint the women's relationship hang-ups, coach them on their shortcomings, then set them up on dates to gauge their progress. Will their coaching help them find love or will it create a rift within the family that cannot be repaired?

Despite their successes, The Wards are very much like every other family, and in "Tough Love: The Wards Get Real" we get a sincere look at a modern American family and their business -- warts and all.