• ThaliaCast Member

    Thalia is House Of Dolls' make-up artist extraordinaire, bringing in high-end clientele to match her impeccable skills and, in her words, "a special brand of class". Thalia has been friends with Henry longer than anyone else at the salon and when things get crazy, Thalia has her boss' back. No doubt, when controversy swirls, Thalia is usually in the thick of the storm.

    Native New Yorker Thalia embodies the chic vibe that defines Inwood and House Of Dolls. Thalia is not on the scene - she is the scene. If you are anybody uptown then you know her and, if not, you haven't arrived yet. Thalia's admirers include Rell and fellow make-up artist Kevin, who she's taken under her wing as a mentor. An incurable flirt, Thalia always finds herself the center of attention... and that is just the way she likes it!

  • KevinCast Member

    Kevin is House Of Dolls' young, enterprising, Puerto Rican make-up artist who is building his clientele the way any good millennial would... by using social media. With an expertise in the use of color, Kevin is setting trends with his flamboyant makeover pics on Instagram.

    Kevin had a rough upbringing; he's from a religious family that has had a hard time accepting his gay lifestyle. He spent time in and out of foster homes and even some time on the streets before he found himself. Kevin recent turned 25 and has a desire to reconnect with his mom after many years apart. In the mean time, the House Of Dolls crew, especially his mentor Thalia, has become Kevin's surrogate family.

    A natural people-pleaser, Kevin struggles to stay neutral in the many battles at the salon. Like everyone else, Kevin loves to turn up and he never misses the party!

  • VeeCast Member

    Vee is a homegrown Dominican beauty from Inwood who has made a name for herself as a colorist. Vee's talent speaks for itself and this former bottle-girl turned hair stylist hopes to one day follow in Henry's footsteps.

    A self described loudmouth with no filter, Vee says what's on her mind and dominates the conversation in the salon. Most people (including some of Henry's prized clients) don't know how to handle her but as far as Vee is concerned, that's their problem - not hers.

    When it comes to turning up, whether it's a pregame at the salon or on the dance floor at a club, Vee is the life of the party. She exudes sexuality and after spending years dating both men and woman, Vee has now declared herself a bonafied lesbian and is looking for love. No doubt, Vee lives life to the fullest. ¬°Aprovecha el dia!

  • NotikCast Member

    Notik is the resident barber for House Of Dolls and, aside from Henry, arguably brings in more clients than anyone else. As drama and chaos engulf the salon, Notik is always present in the background, cutting hair and taking it all in - hence, "the observer".

    Along with Kevin, Notik plays the role of peacemaker... unless the confrontation involves his homegirl Vee. Their friendship and bond is at tight at Princess' and Rell - so it's no surprise that these four often go at each other's throats. Notik will never call Vee out in front of others as he is always going to be on her side publicly, even if he has to disagree with her privately.

    Notik is also the only straight male that works at House Of Dolls and this self-described "Dominican Ladies Man" loves to mingle when the salon turns up. When Notik's not cutting hair, he's working on his music. As a rapper/producer, Notik has his own studio and label, M42, and is making a name for himself in the trap music genre. Whether he's cutting a client's hair or dropping a rhyme, Notik is a true artist and is always looking for innovative ways to express himself.

  • PrincessCast Member

    Princess is the House Of Dolls' master "weave-ologist" - so versatile that she can work with any hair texture to create stunning transformations. With her own wig line that she's designing, Henry has taken notice of the unique skill set Princess brings to the salon. Born and raised in the Bronx, just a few miles north of Inwood, Princess spent nearly a decade in Atlanta honing her beauty expertise before returning to New York City and landing a job at House Of Dolls.

    However, her homecoming hasn't exactly been a parade. In the cutthroat, catty world inside the salon, Princess is forever viewed as "the new girl" and an outsider, often clashing with the more established Vee and Thalia. Make no mistake, though; with her best friend Rell by her side, Princess is ready to take over the hair industry in Inwood and isn't about to let anybody stop her. In addition, Princess is single and ready to mingle and dreams of a "Latin lover". All is fair in love and hair!

  • RellCast Member

    Rell is House Of Dolls' resident "locktician," specializing in dreadlocks. However, he's better known as Princess' bestie. These two have been friends since high school and they have a deeply rooted history that bonds them for life. No matter what happens at the shop, one thing is for sure - Rell will be on Princess' side.

    Like his BFF, Rell is "new" at the salon and is considered an outsider, which squarely puts him in the cross-hairs of controversy and drama. When it comes to his career, it's complicated. In addition to being a dread master, Rell fancies himself a chef, a singer, a stylist, and a model. As Rell tries to pick a lane he continues facing his biggest fear - rejection. But as a gay African American, Rell has faced opposition all of his life. A strong-minded natural born fighter, Rell is not about to quit.

  • HenryCast Member

    Henry, the proud Dominican owner of House Of Dolls and self-described "workaholic" is an expert colorist and extensions master who has built a strong following on Instragram. Whether you're rich, famous or an uptown local, if you wanna rock the hottest trends out there, then you pay top-dollar to sit in Henry's chair.

    A strict businessman, The Boss runs a tight ship and is all about his coins. In Henry's world, the client always comes first and you better believe his eclectic staff of stylists know that cardinal rule, for better or worse! Whether it's an impromptu team meeting or a one-on-one sit down, Henry spends as much time corralling his wild employees as he does working his makeover magic.

    Situated blocks from some of New York's swankest clubs, Henry has also turned his salon into the ultimate pregame turn up spot. With bottles popping and hookahs blowing, House Of Dolls is the place to be seen before hitting the club. Business is booming uptown and Henry, who never shies away from a good party, intends to keep it that way.

  • TessCast Member

    While Henry is the face and owner of House Of Dolls, Tess is his extravagant business partner or, as she likes to say, "the money". Tess, who is part Spanish, was originally a client of Henry's and fell so in love with his talent that she decided to invest in the salon. With the looks of a goddess and the mind of an entrepreneur, Tess is always pushing Henry to move forward and expand the brand. Tess wants to open up another location in New York City and then branch out to LA and beyond.

    While Henry focuses on clients, Tess is often the one who has to crack the whip on the staff and lay down the law. However, Tess also plays another role - the salon mom. Whether it's a shoulder to cry on for Kevin, a voice of reason to calm Vee down or business advice for Princess, Tess is always there for the employees and helps keep the House Of Dolls family together.

    And, of course, with access to the best stylists and make-up artists uptown, Tess - who always brings her glam A game - certainly enjoys the perks!