Full Episode Summary

How do today's top celebrities stay so thin? What helps them keep their bodies glowing, toned and fabulous? How can you get the same look? VH1's All Access: Celebrity Diet Secrets Revealed is a one-hour show exposing the eating habits of your favorite stars. We're dishing out all the latest diets celebrities use to keep their bodies sexy and svelte.

From the detox diets that provoke dramatic weight loss, to the raw revolution that touts uncooked food, and the mini meal diet that actually encourages snacking--we'll show you all the hottest new diet trends in Hollywood.

Still wondering how Star Jones and Kirstie Alley dropped weight so dramatically? What was Kelly LeBrock's secret to slimming down on Celebrity Fit Club? We have their stories, and all the crazy dieting tricks stars use to fight cravings. Like Liz Hurley's special soup for rapid weight loss, Victoria Beckham's fishy diet secret, and the herbal supplement used by a couple of Desperate Housewives to stay skinny.

Plus, meet Hollywood's biggest yo-yo dieters to see how they've overcome their ups and downs with weight loss. We'll show you who's dieting the right way, and who's gone too far-with tips form celebrity personal chefs, nutritionists and fitness trainers, including: Jorge Cruise of The Three Hour Diet, David Kirsch of The Ultimate New York Body Plan, Dr. Jana Klauer How the Rich Get Thin, Dr. Ian Smith's Fat Smash Diet, raw food guru David Wolfe, Celeb Trainer Valerie Waters, and more.

All Access: Celebrity Diet Secrets Revealed is packed with all the insider information you need to start looking like a superstar.