Full Episode Summary

The pretty poses, the perfectly coiffed tresses, the gorgeous outfits, and the expertly-applied make-up are red carpet staples. It all seems effortless but it only happens if celebrities follow the rules. One false move, errant sound bite or runaway pet and Hollywood anarchy ensues. In this show, VH1 will reveal the secrets of how celebrities learn to behave themselves in front of hundreds of reporters, paparazzi and fans. Here are a few of the pages from the celebrity code of conduct:

Posing - Find out which pose each celebrity likes to rock on the red carpet and how they mask flaws like big feet.

Carpet Etiquette - See celebs caught on tape chewing gum, eating munchies and even using the red carpet as a restroom!

Beauty Rules - Despite the best preparation, some stars bring sweat stains, smeared lipstick and indecent exposure to the carpet. Remember to pack the double sticky tape!

Wardrobe Rules - If a designer says its vintage, better triple check. Many dresses are reruns from other red carpets and not something out of a 1940s socialite's closet.

Interviewing Rules - Most celebrities only work well with a script. See what crazy talk, curses and snippiness comes out of their mouths when they're on their own.

Who to Bring to the Carpet - Old flame, new flames, family members and the latest baby craze: find out who brought who to the red carpet

Dealing with Bad Weather - See how all the make-up in the world can't shield celebrities from Mother Nature

Bringing Pets - Camels and Tigers and Dogs Oh My! See which celebrities brought which furry friends to the red carpet.

And more!