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  1.   All Access: Where Are They Now? Celebrity Fit Club

    Catch up on all your favorite cast members and find out who has struggled and who has stayed fit.

    Air Date: 7/18/06

Full Episode Summary

For more than three seasons, VH1's Celebrity Fit Club has shown us exactly what happens when overweight stars compete to lose weight (and it hasn't always been pretty). Whether it was Willie Aames' workout intervention or the bitter rivalry between onetime teammates Jackee Harry and Toccara Jones, fans have tuned in week after week to see celebrities take part in a range of physical and motivational activities designed to shed pounds and win prizes.

But what happens when the show ends? What is Willie up to now? Have Jackee and Toccara patched things up? All Access Presents: Where Are They Now? Celebrity Fit Club is here to answer all those questions, and many more.

While some former Fit Clubbers have used the show's diet and exercise tips to stay in shape, others have struggled. VH1 will find out who kept shedding pounds, who gained theirs back, who lost so much weight he had excess skin removed after the show, and who claims Celebrity Fit Club saved his life.

We'll also take an inside look at what these folks are doing right now. Have they moved on to bigger, better and weirder things? Do they have fond memories of being on the show? How has it changed their life?

What's happened to your favorite CFC cast members? Tune in to All Access Presents - Where Are They Now?: Celebrity Fit Club and find out.