Full Episode Summary

It's Tinseltown's big, bad open secret: in order to succeed, it seems actors and actresses have to get thin - and stay that way. The incessant pressure has never let up, and in recent months, yet another crop of young stars has become tinier than ever.

VH1 All Access: 20 Skinniest Celebs looks at the current state of Hollywood's relentless weight obsession. From up-and-comers to established A-listers, it will become painfully obvious that the thin fixation is very much alive and well.

Like clockwork, each week magazine covers scream with the latest headlines asking which starlet is too slim. Turn to the actual stories, and it's endless speculation about how and why they got that way. This insane media scrutiny, along with peer pressure and a crazy-critical public, has cemented the role body image plays in Hollywood.

Celebs feeling the heat include:

  • Kate Bosworth

  • Keira Knightley

  • Nicole Richie

  • Anna Kournikova

  • Lindsay Lohan

  • Victoria Beckham

  • Ashlee Simpson

  • Ellen Pompeo

  • Carson Daly

  • Hilary Duff

  • Teri Hatcher

  • Thandie Newton

  • Mischa Barton

    Columnists, celeb reporters, nutritionists, and fitness and fashion experts will discuss each star's eyebrow-raising physique, as well as which celebs are already on the road to recovery after acknowledging flirting with being too thin. Keeping it light, but informative, our panelists will trace the timeline of the person's weight loss, weigh in on the person's diet & exercise routines, and recount what that celeb has said in his or her defense.

    In image-conscious Hollywood, being "skinny" is more than just a trend - it's a nasty obsession that never seems to go away.

    Let VH1 All Access: 20 Skinniest Celebs put you in the middle of it all.