Full Episode Summary

Celebrities don't really have to do much to seem fascinating. Just walking down the street gets our attention. But that doesn't stop them from making headlines with some of the wackiest behavior this side of the nut house. And that goes double for celebs in their golden years.

When David Hasselhoff gets kicked out of Wimbledon or Michael Douglas gets peed on by his own son, there's a brief moment of truth buried in there among the wrinkles. And now VH1 has compiled this series of geriatric madcap moments into a one-hour special, All Access: Geezers Gone Wild.

We'll try to understand why Joel Siegel stormed out of a Clerks II screening and why Donald Trump says he would date his own daughter. We'll uncover the true reason Tommy Hilfiger attacked Axl Rose and reveal the bizarre scene that played out when Mel Gibson got pulled over for drunk driving.

VH1's (nearly) patented panel of comedians and journalists will weigh in on why the world's most mature celebs seem to be acting more and more immature by the day.

So get ready for a healthy dose of senile silliness on All Access: Geezers Gone Wild.