Full Episode Summary

No doubt about it: Babies are cute. But some.are cuter than others. Get ready to count down the babies that make the whole world go gaga: The 20 cutest lil' A-listers ever. These days, the babies of celebs are almost as famous as their parents. Stars are popping out some of the most precious and fascinating children in the world and we just can't get enough. We want to know every last drooly detail about these pint-sized superstars. What are their names? What do they weigh? Who are they wearing? And most important, who is the cutest of the cute?

All Access: 20 Cutest Celebrity Babies will finally declare who is the most adorable of the celebrity tots. Is it Britney Spears' chunky little cherub Sean Preston? What about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' mysterious bundle of joy Suri, who had the whole world begging to see one, please just one, photo? And of course, there's Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, whose first public baby pictures sold for no less than $4 million. Not to mention other beautiful bambinos like Kingston Rossdale, Moses Martin, Matilda Ledger and Coco Arquette.

The show will bring together comedians, celebrity journalists and Hollywood insiders to sound off on the most darling, beloved, and talked-about tots among the Hollywood set. We'll break down just what makes these little ones so darn cute, why they're so famous, and most of all, which high-powered parent they look like.

Join VH1 in celebrating the sweetest little sensations in Tinseltown. Cuz we all know whether they're sleeping, smiling or playing peek-a-boo with the paparazzi, celebrity babies rule.