Full Episode Summary

What happens when the publicist isn't looking but the tape's still running?

All Access: Awesomely Ridiculous Celeb Moments celebrates all the red-faced moments of 2006 when embarrassing things happen to the celebrities we love.

From salacious sex scandals to "what were they thinking" moments; red carpet mishaps to embarrassing busts - we cover all that made these stars run for cover.

Moments include:

Britney Spears driving with her newborn on her lap

P. Diddy films himself urinating

David Beckham gets stumped by his six year old's math homework

Vice President Cheney shoots his friend while hunting quail

Isaac Mizrahi grabs Scarlett Johansson's boob on the red carpet

Keith Richards falls out of a coconut tree

K-Fed loses a dance contest

Naomi Campbell throws her phone at an assistant ...again!

OJ Simpson does comedy

Paris Hilton declares that she is giving up sex for a year

Lindsay Lohan accidentally moons audience at Kid's Choice Awards

Tommy Hilfiger beats up Axl Rose

VH1's panel of comedians and experts weigh in these memorable moments to discuss how our favorite stunned stars can recover, and hopefully, save face.