Full Episode Summary

Wouldn't it be great if we could take our favorite celebrities and pit them up against each other in a series of cultural battles to determine once and for all who comes out on top? Well guess what, we can. With the help of our nearly patented panel of comedians, journalists and pop culture aficionados, we take these battles as far as our imaginations will allow.

Donald Trump VS Rosie O'Donnell: A pair of ultra-vocal New Yorkers with opinions and outrage to spare, Rosie and The Donald finally found the perfect sparring partners: each other. But who'll win the Battle of the Big Apple? We'll find out by asking the hard questions, like: who has the bigger mouth? Who's a mite meaner? And of course, who has the better hair?

Jessica Simpson VS Ashlee Simpson: These lovely ladies have made yet another Simpson family famous and they show no signs of slowing down. But a little sisterly competition never hurt anybody. So we'll find out which Simpson sister looks more like Jessica, who's really Daddy's girl and who has the better set of pipes?

Matthew McConaughey VS Lance Armstrong: One made a name for himself on the big screen while the other broke records on his bicycle, but it wasn't until the two were seen working out on the beach together time and time again that they really began making headlines. When these two buff buds get in the ring we'll see who has the more impressive list of ex's, who looks better in spandex and who is the bigger star?

Jennifer Aniston VS Angelina Jolie: What can be said about these two women that hasn't been said already? They're both huge stars, they've both dated Brad Pitt and we just can't get enough when it comes to their personal lives. But who's got the cooler dad? Who has the better sex life? And, who would win in a street fight? These are the questions we really want to answer.

Other match-ups include: Heather Mills VS Paul McCartney and Nicole Ritchie VS Kate Bosworth

Get ready to rumble, celebrity style. When two stars enter, one star leaves. And this time, no one's pulling any punches on All Access: Celebrity Showdown 3.