Full Episode Summary

Celebrities come in all shapes and sizes, and there's no shortage of surprising, interesting and downright bizarre data about their bodies. All Access: Size Matters will explore celebrity anatomies far and wide to find out what's large, small, odd or otherwise newsworthy about today's hottest stars. It'll be fun, light and occasionally, educational. This celebration of celebrity physiques will focus on show biz's most distinguished body parts, and how they have become part of that person's persona.

We're covering it all: from prodigious foreheads to large ears both to remarkable adam's apples to celeb couples mismatched in height. Spanning the body from top to bottom and everything in between, the show will include John Travolta's impressive man-boobs ("moobs"), Paris Hilton's size 11 feet and the glory that is Jay Leno's chin.

Who's got the biggest teeth? Who's got the shortest arms? And does Tommy Lee really have the biggest "you know what?" These are the kinds of questions All Access: Size Matters will answer with humor and insight.

Conducting this mass physical exam will be a mix of comedians, celebrity reporters, fashion consultants and even a few body experts. They'll comment on the body parts in question, recount what the celebs themselves have said about them, and in some cases offer advice on how to downplay - or perhaps accentuate - their wondrous oddities.

So does size really matter? Well in this show, it's everything!