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  1.   VH1 All Access: Where Are They Now? Reality Stars

    Ever wonder what all your favorite reality stars are doing now? Check out these clips!

    Air Date: 5/21/07

Full Episode Summary

One of VH1's signature classics is back with a special focusing on the newest additions to the world of television: Reality Stars.

For more than a decade now, reality TV has been building a growing audience of viewers tuning in to watch programs involving "real life" people like themselves in extraordinary situations. From 'America's Next Top Model' to 'Survivor' to 'Flavor of Love', 'The Real World' and beyond, America just can't get enough of reality TV and its memorable players.

But what happens to these folks when the shows end? What happens to their lives, careers, families, etc.? Where Are They Now?: Reality Stars will answer these questions and more.

While some stars have used their new-found fame to launch careers in singing, fashion or real estate, others have chosen to ignore the bright lights of Hollywood and return to their quiet, normal lives. Some make bar appearances for wild fans to make some cash. Others own some of the hottest restaurants and nightclubs in the country. One became a "professional" wrestler, and another even became a worship leader who rocks out for the Lord in church on Sundays.

No matter where life may have taken them, Where Are They Now: Reality Stars has got the scoop for you. Tune in and find out what happened to your favorite faces from reality TV world AFTER the cameras stopped rolling.