Full Episode Summary

"I'm sorry." Two simple words. Lots and lots of juicy stories.

All Access: Celebrity Apologies will bring you the scandals and misadventures that led to Hollywood's most awesome pleas for forgiveness.

From Alec Baldwin's nasty voicemail to Don Imus' racist outburst followed by Michael Richards' other racist outburst. It's the actors, politicians, athletes and other celebs who messed up bad--and issued high-profile apologies in an attempt to save their careers.

We'll analyze the mea culpas from Rosie O'Donnell, Isaiah Washington, and Richard Gere. Were they sincere? Were they effective? Were they fantastic or what?

We'll also take a look back at some of the most famous apologies of all time. Who can forget Jimmy Swaggart's "I have sinned" cry-fest?

A mix of comedians, celebrity reporters, publicists and authors will comment on the offense in question, the apology, and whether or not it worked.

Celebrity misdeeds can be forgiven. But they can never be forgotten. And we've got a collection of amazing apologies to prove it.