Full Episode Summary

Who's the biggest trainwreck in all the land? With apologies to Britney, Paris and others, right now it has to be Lindsay Lohan.

With her latest drunken episode on July 24, which led to DUI and drug charges, Lindsay's life is officially spinning out of control. It was her second set of DUI allegations since May, torpedoing her new movie I Know Who Killed Me at the box office, and raising questions not only about Lindsay's viability as a movie star, but her ability to escape the self-destructive path she's on.

Now VH1 digs into this latest Lindsay scandal and recounts the events that have led her to the brink of disaster in a timely half-hour special, Lindsay Lohan's Hollywood Trainwreck. Entertainment watchers will provide insight on the damage Lindsay has done to her career, and her prospects for the future. And experts on psychology and addiction will comment on the personal toll her destructive behavior has taken, and how she can escape the cycle of substance abuse.

VH1 tracks the latest developments in the Lindsay saga and provides perspective on her chaotic lifestyle, including the spotlight-hungry parents many blame for her tailspin.

Lindsay Lohan's Hollywood Trainwreck will be the ultimate up-to-the-minute look at the starlet and the scandal everyone's talking about.