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  1.   VH1 All Access: The Men of 'I Love New York'

    Catch up with the guys from 'I Love New York's first season and see what they've been up to since the show.

    Air Date: 10/02/07

Full Episode Summary

When she didn't find love with Flava Flav on Flavor of Love, the saucy, sassy lady known as New York got her very own show, complete with a mélange of men from which to choose her soulmate.

They fought for New York's heart and fought with each other, ran around in Speedos and knocked each other out in the boxing ring. Now, find out what became of their lives, careers...and all that great swimwear on Where Are They Now: The Men of I Love New York. The classic VH1 show is back with a special focusing on New York's heap of discarded himbos.

Find out what happened to "lover-not-a-fighter" Mr. Boston, party boys 12 Pack & Heat, rapping brothers Real & Chance, Miami's own Whiteboy and others.

What are they up to? Everything from cashing in on their new-found fame with paid appearances--complete with choreography and skimpy outfits--to DJing at Bar Mitzvahs to taking their shot at hip hop stardom. And this show has the scoop on it all.

Discover what happened to all your favorite dudes after New York kicked them out of the house on Where Are They Now: The Men of I Love New York.