Full Episode Summary

Celebrities are rich, beautiful and can dress in anything they want. Some stars wear their fame brilliantly and look dazzling either day or night. But so many others look just plain ridiculous: like they got dressed in the dark with their eyes closed.

VH1's Best And Worst Dressed is a one hour look at today's hottest stars and the outfits they wear and sometimes shouldn't!

This fast paced program will be filled with sassy, sexy gossip. The show will deliver the dish on celebrities who've got sensational style or should be arrested for fashion felonies.

The show will feature a power packed panel of around 10 stylists, designers and comedians. They won't be afraid to lay it on the line and call the best - the best, and the worst - the worst. These fashion insiders will be passionate, pumped-up and downright catty.

The segments will begin with a quick music-filled montage of a star's moment in front of the cameras: this year's Grammy's, Oscar's, VMA's, their new music video, a photo shoot, big premieres and glamorous parties. We'll show these superstars posing for pictures, singing in their videos and walking the red carpet. You can bet this group of eclectic experts won't be afraid to call them on the carpet for their fashion faux pas.

Whether you're a star of stage, screen or song. tighten your belts and hang on to your heels because VH1 is about to unleash the fashion police. VH1's Best And Worst Dressed is an All Access worth getting' all dressed up for.just make sure you look good!