Full Episode Summary

They're the 7th biggest act in Rock history, selling millions of albums and touching the lives of music fans around the world. But if you thought you knew Metallica, just wait. VH1 All Access is about to take you on the road and inside the inner sanctum of this mega band for a rare look at the private world of these rock and roll icons.

This 30 minute show will live on the road in one amazing weekend of music and spontaneous fun. The show will be broken up chronologically. This timeline will allow us to track the band as their huge summer tour hits some of the biggest venues in the country.

  • Chicago Arrival. We're backstage with Metallica in Chicago just three hours before they take the stage and rock 40,000 screaming fans. This segment will give a brief overview and background of what makes this band so big, incorporating their new video, latest album, and sold-out tour.

  • Fan Meet & Greet. From the earliest days, Metallica has had a special connection with their fans. Long before they were accepted into the mainstream music world, these guys were major players in the rock n' roll underground. Their fans have been with them every step of the way. The guys show their appreciation by spending some quality time backstage with several diehard Metallica-heads, even giving one lucky fan a private guitar lesson.

  • Rituals & Routines. We see the rituals and routines as the band members sharpen their pre-show edge. The guys get personal on the roadblocks they've faced over the years and reveal that as recently as a year ago, the band was on the verge of breaking up. We'll find out what kept them together and hear all about their new attitudes and new energy.

  • Show time. We're backstage with Metallica just minutes before the guys get ready to take the stage. When the first note hits, 40,000 people go nuts and our cameras are front and center. Our cameras will cover the show from every angle and capture the band's unbelievable electricity and power.

  • Air Metallica. The show is over but there isn't much time for rest. After a quick night in Chicago, the guys pack up their hotel suites and head out to Minneapolis. And in true rock star fashion these guys don't hit the road; they hop on their very own private jet. VH1 hands the camera over to Lars and joins the mile-high club on Air Metallica.

  • New city. Touchdown in Minneapolis is just two hours before show time. We're with the band backstage as they squeeze in a little down time. Finally 50,000 eager fans get what they've been waiting for as once again Metallica delivers an all-out heavy metal performance.

  • New Music. The guys introduce the crowd to St. Anger, the title track off their latest album. We'll see what went into producing the VMA nominated video, and hear from the band about what inspired Metallica's new sound.

  • Rock On. Metallica is in Minneapolis rocking another sold out concert. The fans want more, but the road calls and the guys have got to go. Before they take off into the night, Lars, for the first time, sets the record straight on the Napster controversy. Then the band members give us a retrospective look at their lives and what it means to make music that affects millions of fans. They'll talk about how, after all these years, they still get energized knowing that there's only one band like Metallica.

VH1All Access: Metallica takes viewers on the road with one of the biggest rock bands on a mega summer tour. And it truly is all access. Where ever they go, whatever they do, our cameras will be right there - bringing fans both new and old a unique, intimate and memorable rock and roll experience.