Full Episode Summary

Good fashion choices? That's easy. Everybody covers that. But we're here to talk about the other side of fashion. The choices that are usually only whispered about behind people's backs. The celebrities obsessed with appalling apparel. The clothes so over-the-top bad that you've got to love them.

Awesomely Bad Fashion takes that catty finger pointing and turns it into an all out celebration of bold, but ultimately misguided fashion choices. You know who we're talking about. Lil' Kim, Lara Flynn Boyle, N'Sync... they've all had their moments where you just want to give them a hug and say, "It's OK. You don't have to try so hard next time. We love you anyway."

A panel of comedians, fashionistas and clothes addicts will offer insight, commentary and head scratching. They'll quip things like... Why did they do it? Couldn't anyone stop them? Don't they own a mirror? Would they please wear something ever more dreadful next time? Holy Crap! What is that! Ultimately we'll try to answer that age-old question. What were these celebrities thinking?

Some topics that will be covered...

  • Trick or Treat

  • Too Skimpy To Be Good

  • Ain't Easy For Men

  • Bondage Boo-Boos

  • My Favorite Metrosexual

  • Frat House Fashion

  • Time Travelers

  • Indigenous Fashions

  • Bad Fashion In Numbers

  • Awesomely Bad Fashion Hall of Fame

  • Awesomely Bad Fashion Flashbacks