Full Episode Summary

Kissing. Smooching. Tying Tongues. Banging braces. Macking. Mashing. Tonsil Hockey. Swapping Spit. Whatever you call it, Making Out is Awesome. And when it comes to celebrities Lip Locks it seems there's almost always a camera around.

VH1 All Access: Most Awesome Make Outs has searched the world for the public and private puckers you've just got to see to believe. This one-hour special takes a tongue-in-cheek look at some of the hottest, sexiest, most bizarre and downright disturbing kisses every caught on camera.

Through the use of rapid fire visuals, steamy montages and insightful commentary, we'll go behind the scenes to see what it all means. A panel of top-notch comedians such as: Fred Willard, Brian Unger and Debra Wilson are on hand to fill in all the wild and wacky details as only they can.

The hour is jam packed with celebrity make out moments: From the infamously sexy to the utterly creepy:


  • Madonna, Britney and Christina made headlines around the world with their steamy Video Music Award kiss. We'll show who got the tongue...and who got left out in the cold.

  • And it's enough to make you want to go to Catholic School! The pop tart Russian lesbian singing duo Tatu, gets down and dirty with a bevy of heavy macking school girls that strip down to their skivvies before locking luscious lips.

  • And not to leave the guys out, everyone from Jim Carrey and Will Smith to those oversexed studs from American Pie are getting in on the boy on boy make out action.


  • It doesn't get much creepier than Michael Jackson putting the make out moves on ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley for millions to see, UNLESS...

  • You're talking about the awkward, gag inducing fish-mouthed pucker planted on legendary songstress Liza Minnelli by her ex David Gest. This you've got to see to believe!


  • In this segment, you'll get jealous when we remind you how many smoking hot chicks Enrique Iglesias has made out with and you'll see just how cool being a superstar singing sex symbol can be.

  • Take a look at Fred Durst, who scored big, when he got to get down and dirty with Oscar winning sex goddess, Halle Berry in the steamy video, "Behind Blue Eyes"

  • And there's Lenny Kravitz, who proves once again just how cool he actually is by shunning superstar hottie Gina Gershon in favor of a sultry, sexy waitress in one of his make out moments.

This show doesn't just tease, it delivers hard hitting make out information YOU NEED TO KNOW. We've got a celebrity Hollywood chef, a dentist-to-the-stars and a world famous porn star to lay out helpful tips on how to make the most of your most awesome make out moment.