Full Episode Summary

So, you wanna be a Hilton? Well my friend, you've come to the right place. VH1 has compiled the definitive how-to guide that will transform any average Joe into America's favorite tabloid darlings. This lighthearted half-hour program will include lessons in "red carpet mastery," "how to deal with jealousy," "three perfect paparazzi poses," and "top tanning tips." Remember, if you're gonna be a Hilton, making it big is important, but sometimes you've got to keep it small. Their dogs are teeny and their skirts are even tinier.

And don't think that money is a requirement. You can "be a Hilton" without being mega-rich. Achieving that perfect blend of entitlement and joie de vivre has less to do with bloodline and more to do with personality. A true Hilton dances on tabletops, gets embroiled in embarrassing scandals, steals other women's boyfriends, and still acts amazed when their antics appear on Page Six. Ain't America grand?

Through rarely seen footage, comedian commentators and pop culture experts, viewers will earn their degree in Hiltons Uncovered - Paris and Nicky 101

So pay attention and take notes because class is about to begin. Welcome to All Access: Hiltons Uncovered - Paris and Nicky 101.