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In one frantic decade, Sheryl Crow has crafted a unique sound, overcome personal and professional challenges and proven that she is one of rock and roll's greatest talents. Now VH1 gets up-close-and-personal with the nine time Grammy winner who's sold more than 20 million records. For the first time ever, Crow takes us into her world - her bouts with depression, her romances and trip into superstardom. It's an insider's journey through the intense and fulfilling life of a recording superstar.

This half hour special will consist of short, fast paced segments,always featuring Sheryl today even as we learn about the pain and passion she's experienced over the years. Among the segments:

Among the segments:

  • Sheryl on her unique sound - We're on the road in Los Angeles with Sheryl as she promotes her new album The Very Best of Sheryl Crow. The CD captures all the power and energy of one of rocks true driving forces. What's it like to be a full on rock star in Europe? Sheryl will show us first hand.

  • Sheryl on her path to stardom - creating this unique sound came only after years of rejection, a shelved first album and bouts with depression. These days Sheryl looks forward not back.but it's the difficult experiences in her life that make her appreciate today's success more than ever.

  • Sheryl on surviving success - Sheryl's got fans the world over. VH1 joins the star in London for a sold out concert. We find out backstage that performing is Sheryl's how does a superstar hang on to her sense of self? It's taken years for Sheryl to feel good about who she is.but this superstar finally has.

  • Sheryl on romance - Today Sheryl's single and happy. Her love life has been full of drama. Her list of former beaus is impressive, including the likes of singer Kid Rock, actor Owen Wilson and superstar guitarist Eric Clapton. But lasting love has eluded her. At 40, the star talks about romance, what the future has in store for her and is she still looking for Mr. Right? Does she want to start a family? Does she see herself settling down?

  • Sheryl on her fans - We take a day with Sheryl and simply run errands. But even when Sheryl Crow shops people take notice. The singer has one of the most loyal and intense fane bases in the world. But that comes at a cost. Sheryl talks about the good and bad and ugly of everyone wanting a piece of you.

  • Sheryl on the future - Sheryl's happy with her accomplishments but wants far more. How does this star deal with the pressures she puts on herself to top push the musical envelope? Sheryl talks about her future.

So you think you know Sheryl Crow but you don't. This All Access Spotlight will show audiences a side of this performer you've never seen before and won't see anywhere else.