Full Episode Summary

A little more than a year ago, Clay Aiken was an unknown. Today, he's an international superstar with a hit album and millions of adoring fans. But despite being in the spotlight, there's a lot we don't know about the this overnight sensation. Now VH1 All Access Spotlight takes you inside the home, head and heart of Clay Aiken.

This half hour special will consist of short, fast paced segments, each one giving us new insight into the real Clay Aiken as we spend up close and personal time with the 25-year-old phenomenon. Among the segments:

  • Clay on fame - From a wild homecoming parade with thousands of screaming fans, to endless autograph sessions, to the constant demands of life in the spotlight, Clay is still just getting used to it all. We're in the limos, at the parade and by his side with the fans as we take it all in with him and hear the ups and downs of being hugely famous.

  • Clay on family - Though he's a genuine superstar, Clay is also a good old country boy who puts family first. While spending time with him at his childhood home, the singer reflects on his roots and what's made him the young man he is. While at home he hangs out with his old music teacher who remembers what a trouble maker he used to be, plays with his new dog Raleigh and goes for a swing with Mom who keeps her oldest boy in line.

  • Clay on fate - If not for a simple twist of fate, Clay Aiken would have continued his first chosen profession of working with autistic youth. Without any formal training or experience and primarily on a whim, he attended an audition for American Idol. He didn't make it. But his determination eventually won over the judges at a second audition and the rest is history. We'll hear from Clay on his unlikely ride to the top and about his regrets about leaving his first profession behind.

  • Clay on fun - Between rushing around the country and in and out of performances, Clay does enjoy a few of his favorite things. He's just a big kid after all. We hit Rockefeller skating rink in New York City and see his best moves, join him as he takes in the bright lights of Las Vegas and horses around on camera with some local news personalities from his home town.

  • Clay on fans - Whether he's back home being mobbed by well wishers, on stage soaking in the screams of thousands of fans, or opening the thousands of pieces of fan mail and gifts he gets every week from all over the world, Clay fans, known as "Clay-niacs" and "Clayboys" number in the millions. Clay shares his feelings about being overwhelmed and sometimes frightened by all the attention.

  • Clay on the future - Clay is all too aware that riding American Idol to fame does not guarantee anything beyond the moment. While appreciating everything he's achieved, he does not want to be a one hit wonder. Clay opens up about his fears, his desires and his hopes for the future.

    By the end VH1 All Access Spotlight: Clay Aiken, viewers will know this amazingly talented young man in a new, intimate and spontaneous way.